• Nick Messier '13 - Biology - Criminal Justice


    Nick Messier '13 always had a clear idea of the career path he would take, and just months after graduating from Curry College, the dual biology/criminal justice major was already employed as a Biopharmaceutical Technologist at Charles River Laboratories in Wilmington, Mass.

  • Shawn Edge '08 - IT


    “Studying nanotechnology in Australia was the best experience I’ve ever had. It allowed me to learn other cultures and make friends with people who were from Germany, China, Switzerland, and South Africa. It was an amazing experience to network and develop those relationships.” - Shawn Edge, Engineer - Silicon Valley

  • Alicia Williams '09 - Communication - PR


    Starting your own business in the middle of a recession is hard enough. Doing it at the age of 22, right after graduating from college is even harder. That's why the rapid success of Alicia (Viscomi) Williams '09 is so remarkable. After graduating from Curry College with a degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations, Williams decided to chart her own course.

  • Bob Nolet '08 - Communication


    As Director of Communications and Events at the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce, Pembroke native Bob Nolet '08 markets a chamber comprised of seven hundred and fifty members and servicing nine towns on the south shore, is responsible for over sixty different events each year, and is tasked with media relations, publications and administering the Chamber's social media sites.

  • David Littlefield '91 - Management


    "You can get anything done if you make the commitment. No matter what you're doing, it's not about this moment, it's about that moment five years from now and where you want to be," says David Littlefield '91, Management, "The Sausage Guy" and owner of 'Salsa' Restaurant.

  • Joe Morabito '06 - Communication


    Joe Morabito '06 has the kind of drive that has helped him build a career in one of this country's toughest industries: Hollywood. The communication graduate is working for one of the most popular shows on television: ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."

  • Greg Gough '11 - Criminal Justice


    New Hampshire police officer Greg Gough '11 certainly took advantage of his time at Curry. He played lacrosse while balancing his internships and Criminal Justice coursework. He also minored in Psychology - an area of study that still helps Gough on the job today.

  • Susan Griffin '80 - Communication


    Susan Griffin '80, Assignment/Web Editor at WCVB-TV says Curry helped her prepare for those moments when everything changes unexpectedly, “It is at Curry that I learned to take chances and risks. For the first time, I was on my own and calling the shots. I went on an adventure and let my heart be my guide.”

  • Ebony Joseph '11 - MBA

    Campus Image

    “Curry College has been a tremendous help as I look to greater opportunities within my company,” says Ebony Joseph, a Manufacturing Engineer for Thermo Fisher Scientific in Waltham. “Curry has placed me in a better position as I look to move into a management role; to be a manager of an engineering department and eventually a Director of Operations. I knew an engineering degree alone would not get me there ̶ I needed an MBA.”

  • Jeannine Hatch '06 - M.Ed.


    Jeannine Hatch, M.Ed. ‘06 worked as an accountant for 17 years before applying to the Master of Education program at Curry College. Inspired by volunteer work at her twin boys’ elementary school and the hope that she may one day have the same schedule to spend more time with family, she contemplated a career change.

  • Lindsey Brown '06 - Communication


    Lindsey Brown '06 never dreamed that she would become a public relations pro, but she has spent the last five years representing some of the most recognizable brands and events in the country as an Account Executive at SLATE PR in New York City.

  • Richard Belmonte '07 - Education


    "The value of my Curry College education really started to sink in when I began supervising teachers at my job," says Richard (Richie) Belmonte, preschool program coordinator at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) Child Care Center in Lebanon, NH.

  • Gary Leopold '77 - Communication


    As a grateful alumnus, Leopold has opened the doors of his company, ISM to host young alumni networking receptions, and has returned to campus to share his story and advice with the next generation of Curry entrepreneurs. While he is quick to encourage students to apply for internships and seek real-world experiences, he also believes that being good and doing good can take any person to great heights.

  • Angela Morabito '10 - Psychology


    When Angela Morabito '10 entered Ameri-Corps after Curry College, she was a young woman with a genuine desire to help others. Today, she is a young woman who took a chance, ventured outside her comfort zone, and worked hard to significantly improve the lives of hundreds across the nation.

  • Kieran Clarke '84 - Management


    "Going to college, succeeding, and then graduating from Curry was totally a game changer in my life. I never really appreciated what kind of opportunities existed out there in the world until I got there. My education and degree opened a lot of doors to new ideas for me," says Kieran Clarke '84, Executive Vice President of Meredith Video Solutions.

  • William Miller '06 - Nursing


    Miller worked through the comprehensive eighteen month Nursing program at Curry, studied hard for the mandatory standardized test and excelled at hands-on training in the lab. While he says it took time to re-acclimate himself to the classroom setting after tackling the corporate world, he quickly found that the clinical component of the program helped to put the lessons he was learning in the classroom into perspective.

  • Barbara Belony '08 - RN to BS in Nursing


    "Curry had a program that was a perfect fit for me at the time. I was able to go to work, gain experience, and fit the program into my life. It was difficult, but it was worth it," said Belony, who passed the state exam and currently works as a Registered Nurse at Boston's Visiting Nurses Association.

  • Scott Fersht '11 - Communication


    Immediately after graduation in May 2011, Fersht was hired at Meredith Video Solutions, a media and marketing firm that creates and distributes content using almost every type of medium under the sun, including television, cable video on demand, web, mobile and magazines.

  • Heidi Webb '79 - Psychology + Education


    Whether assisting individuals going through a divorce or advocating for young children with dyslexia, Heidi Webb '79 is passionate about using her education and experience in holistic and novel ways.

  • Krista Selnau '09 - Politics and History + English


    "Curry was my first-choice college...I liked the small size and the feeling of community when I visited campus. By joining clubs and organizations, I learned how the process works and that you could start your own club, implement your ideas and create change. Now, I'm better able to take initiative and not be just a follower. Within Curry's supportive environment, I felt comfortable enough to take a risk and step into leadership positions."

  • Carrie Hormanski '10 - Criminal Justice


    "At the police academy, I used material from my Curry Criminal Law class, Probation & Parole, Corrections and many other courses. Now, I apply those theories and concepts to real-world situations," says Pawtucket, Rhode Island Police Officer Carrie Hormanski '09.

  • Kathy Murphy '11 - MBA


    A strong commitment to lifelong learning spurred Kathy Murphy to enroll in The Curry College MBA program while she continued working as a manager at Dunkin' Brands, Inc., in Canton, Massachusetts.

  • Dana Panepinto '87 - Communication


    As the general sales manager and director of sports sales at WEEI/Entercom Radio in Boston, Dana Panepinto '87 manages Red Sox play-by-play, Celtics play-by-play, ‘Patriots Monday' and ‘Patriots Friday,' and has helped elevate the Boston Red Sox Radio Network to the number one billing network in major league baseball, despite only airing in the 10th largest media market.

  • Robert Anderson '07 - IT + Criminal Justice


    Despite economic challenge and record unemployment rates, Information Technology alumnus Robert Anderson '07 is thriving in his career. Not only is he employed with one of the country's fastest growing companies, but he has been promoted several times since graduating from Curry.

  • Brandon Traina '11 - Criminal Justice


    "When I was comparing schools with Learning Disabilities programs, Curry was the school that stood out among the rest. It had the largest compliment of faculty and staff, along with access to a wide variety of computers and software tools designed for students with learning disabilities."

  • Amanda Ramirez '10 - Criminal Justice + Psychology


    "Curry is a place where anyone, from anywhere, can get involved right off the bat your first year," says former SGA President Amanda Ramirez '10. "It's one of the reasons I fell in love with this school from day one."

  • Lindsay Fisher '08 - Nursing


    Lindsay Fisher '08 is a glowing example of the type of graduate Curry College strives to produce each year. Not only has she already gone above and beyond what is expected of today’s young professionals, she has far surpassed what is expected of people in general.

  • Nina Bucchianeri '10 - Special Education


    "I chose Curry, not only for its special education program, but because of the small, friendly environment, the small class sizes, and it was close to home. As a commuter, I liked to get my studying done off campus, but I was still very involved with events on campus. Plus, I could have always stay over one of my friend's dorm rooms if needed."

  • Bryan Ryder '92 - Communication


    "I owe my career to Curry. The school provided me with everything I have today. The tools I received from my classes and internships there have been invaluable throughout my life," says ESPN Sports Producer, Bryan Ryder '92.

  • Judy Dynan '11 - MSN


    When Curry College launched its Master of Science in Nursing program, Judy Dynan '11 was first in line to apply, and she hasn't looked back since. "It was time for it. Education is something that's important to me. It was something that could help me move into a leadership role, and to help me open up new opportunities, which it has already."

  • Janelle Mayo '11 - Psychology


    "I loved the size of the campus, it wasn't too small, and it wasn't so big that you could get lost...I was also struck by how clean and beautiful the campus was. And the people were so welcoming. It all felt right."

  • John Doyle '10 - M.Ed.


    "As soon as I took my first class, I knew this was the right place for me," says John Doyle, who found Curry College through his colleagues in the Milton (MA) Public Schools. A Boston area native now living in Weymouth, John first moved to Milton after teaching for seven years in a private school in Boston. That made Curry's convenient location a plus because the campus was just a short commute after work.

  • Holden Kepecs '85 - Communication


    "Back in the late 70's, early '80's in school, I couldn't keep up academically with the so called 'normal' kids, so everyone else was lumped in together in the 'special' classes, even thought there existed a wide range of learning disabilities," recalls Emmy-winning editor Holden Kepecs. "I could never find a happy medium where I could learn at my own pace, until I got to Curry."

  • Kristopher Kamborian '08 - M.A. Criminal Justice


    "Pursuing a master's degree in Criminal Justice was the best decision I have ever made; it has made me much more appealing when applying and interviewing for positions and will continue to assist me in life intellectually, financially, and promotionally."

  • Peter Machen '10 - Visual Arts


    "After my first year, I fell in love with the campus made some tight relationships with the people here. Plus, I finally discovered what I wanted to concentrate on in my sophomore year...visual arts."

  • Shannon Boggs '11 - Management


    "I've always liked working with numbers and finance," says Shannon Boggs, who graduated in May 2011 with a Management degree with an emphasis in accounting. "After earning an associate degree in General Business at Massasoit Community College, I knew I wanted to get a bachelor's degree. Curry made that an easy choice."

  • Sheila Jichi '10 - MBA


    "When I started the Curry MBA program, I knew I would get a degree," says Sheila Jichi of Foxboro, Mass. "What I didn't expect was to gain enough confidence to feel I can take on almost anything, personally and professionally. I didn't know I would make a lifelong connection to the program and the people in it. What I gained is hard to quantify in words."

  • John Abdulla '09 - Communication


    “I was impressed with the facilities at Curry, especially the Television Studio in the Hirsh Communication Center, and was excited about the film and TV courses offered. I really enjoyed my film classes, in particular the digital filmmaking class with Jerry Gibbs because it allowed us to get hands-on experience and work on our own film projects.”

  • Jessica Joseph '10 - Health


    "I love to talk about being a transfer student because I feel like I am so lucky to have experienced two sides of the spectrum. Coming from such a large environment, I am so glad that I eventually found my way to Curry. The small size of this school helped me feel much more comfortable in the classroom helped me get involved with clubs and activities. I found myself here and really made a name for myself.

  • Jeremy Hmura '09 - Management


    Illinois native Jeremy Hmura '09 was originally drawn to Curry College to play hockey, but he made the choice to come here for a number of other reasons, including the college's proximity to Boston.

  • Barbara Healey '11 - MSN


    After considering all of the MSN programs in the Boston area, Barbara Healey ultimately chose the MSN program at Curry College because of its unique focus on the Clinical Nurse Leader role. "I picked Curry because of the developing role of the clinical nurse leader, which is a new role in nursing and is unique in the area."

  • Sam Smith '09 - MBA


    "While finishing my bachelor's degree in 2005 as a continuing education student, Curry's management department chair asked if I would be interested in pursuing an MBA if it were offered...My response was 'yes' because I really like the culture at Curry, and I knew the MBA would be a great benefit to me in the future." Two years later, Sam graduated from the Curry College MBA program.

  • Derek Thompson '06 - M.Ed.


    "The personalized service at Curry stood out to me... I took one class before enrolling full-time and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Everything was individualized to me and my career specifically, and because the class size was small the class really had the opportunity to dive into the material and discuss the covered topics as they pertained to us individually. Because of this I felt like the courses were constantly helping me in my job as opposed to being something extra I had to do at night after work."

  • Debra Casallas '06 - Communication


    "As I approached 40, I was excited and scared at the thought of changing paths, but life requires a little bravery. I was grateful for this valuable opportunity to re-define myself and what I had to offer. I wish everyone could take advantage of this opportunity. Obtaining my Communication degree from Curry was worth every penny."

  • Kathryn Russell '11 - Criminal Justice + Psychology


    Many young adults decide on college because they want to expand their horizons and see the world. Kathryn Russell '11 took that decision to heart...and quite literally. Not only did the Bend, Oregon native travel over 3,000 miles across the country to attend Curry College back in 2007, but she also took a trip around the world to study abroad as well.

  • Sydney Lowe '98 - Communication


    Sydney Lowe '98 may not have taken the most traditional path in securing a bachelor's degree from Curry College. But after locking up a spot as the Manager of Broadcasting Operations for Major League Baseball Network, she doesn't have any regrets.

  • Melissa Shaw '05 - Management


    "The small class size and personal attention is another big benefit. Sometimes it's overwhelming trying to juggle work and school. There are clear and challenging expectations from day one, but there's also support by the faculty. Many of my professors worked in their field full-time while going to school part-time to earn their master's degree. They know what it's like and can offer relevant personal support to help along the way."

  • Brenda Marrero '04 - M.A. in Criminal Justice


    "I knew people who were attending Curry and believed that it was a school that challenged their students. I feel that I learned more at Curry than I had learned at any other college I attended. My Curry College degree has enhanced my career. I believe I am able to better communicate with citizens, co-workers, and supervisors."

  • John McCarthy '09 - M.Ed.


    "I had always wanted to be a teacher and to have a positive impact on children and decided that it was either now or never," says John, a father of two school-aged children. "I live on the South Shore and had heard positive things about Curry College. The fact that Curry has smaller classes and that the student population in the program tends to be older were the selling points for me."

  • Chris Lees '98 - Communication


    "I looked at other schools with Communication programs like Syracuse and Notre Dame, but after I visited Curry on Accepted Student Day, saw the radio station and met the folks who worked there, it was a no-brainer," says ESPN NASCAR guru and Emmy Award winner Chris Lees '98.

  • Timothy Lenane '04 - M.A. Criminal Justice


    "After taking one course at Curry, I knew I had made the right choice. I was so impressed with the fact that everyone from the teachers to the librarians would do whatever they could to make themselves available to me as a student, to make sure that I succeeded."

  • Paul Varga '09 - Communication


    “Curry is a college where you can make an immediate impact from day one. There is no first year lag to climb over and you’re not just a number either,” said Varga, who is now the morning drive DJ at WSLP, 93.3 FM in Lake Placid, NY.

  • John Durkin '08 - Management


    "My degree paved the way for my advancement. If I had not taken classes, I may not have been able to progress to the point I am now. I have recently taken on the responsibility for the entire service business in North America."

  • Yusef Galloway '10 - Communication


    Curry College stood out because Galloway was able to transfer his military credits to apply toward his degree. He also liked the convenience of the class schedules, which fit into his busy schedule. "The evening classes were good. The classes were with working professionals, so work and life experience came into play in the curriculum."


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