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Before he had even completed the first grade, Greg Gough '11 knew he was going to become a police officer.

"There's actually a picture of me when I was five or six in front of a Rhode Island State Police cruiser," Gough remembers. "My mom is a trauma nurse in the ER and I just always liked to help people and be a role model for others.  I like being out in the community, serving, protecting, and being someone they can call on. I'm a very type A personality, and so the profession kind of fit."

Of course, the desire to reach a goal and the ability to make it happen are two different things. Luckily Gough, a Criminal Justice alumnus, was never someone to sit around and wait for opportunities to come to him.

"Ever since I was young I always wanted to be a state trooper or a local police officer. I made connections, placed calls, and pushed it and applied for the internship program with the Massachusetts State Police. One thing led to another and the pieces fell into place, and I got an internship with them," Gough says.

He spent parts of his junior and senior years working in a wide range of areas with the state police, while making valuable connections.

"I was balancing regular academics, internships, sports, and social life, but I did it all. I'm not looking for a pat on the back, but it feels good, and without my internships and networking I wouldn't be where I am."

Right now Gough is in a rare position, a 23-year old police officer in Farmington, New Hampshire. He is the youngest member on the force.Greg Gough '11 - Criminal Justice Alumnus from Curry College

"I'm seeing things that I have never seen before," Gough says. "I'm trying to make sure I set a good example for the people in the community as well as maintain a good rapport with my fellow officers with whom I work. There's no such thing as a normal day, and that's what intrigues me about the job.  I'm very happy to be living my dream."

It's a dream Gough had to work hard to achieve, and he says Curry College provided key tools to help him on his journey.

Gough transferred to Curry after spending his freshman year at Franklin Pierce University. The Burlington, MA native was attracted by the College's strong Criminal Justice program, as well as the atmosphere on the Milton campus.

"Originally, I kind of wanted to go to a big school.  I applied to Alabama and Tennessee, but I didn't want to be 1 in 1000 kids in a classroom," Gough says. "I'm a very personable person, I like speaking with others and getting to know people. It's that comfort factor that allowed me to build a strong rapport with the teachers here.  And that's what I liked about it."

Gough certainly took advantage of his time at Curry. He played lacrosse while balancing his internships and Criminal Justice coursework. He also minored in Psychology - an area of study that still helps Gough on the job today.

"That really helped out. When I'm in the field and working, it's a natural reaction to analyze people at times. I feel the psychology background really helps me out because you see how the mind works and why people do what they do in a criminal or motive sense."

Gough is eager to share his knowledge with students hoping to build their own Criminal Justice careers; in law enforcement or other fields.

Greg Gough '11 - Criminal Justice Alumnus from Curry CollegeHe recently returned to Curry and spoke to Professor Jennifer Balboni's Criminal Law class.

"I was really honored to come and present because I'm still only 23 years old but I am already an accomplished alumnus. It feels weird to say alumnus because it makes me feel older, but I do feel accomplished so far," Gough admits. "It felt great to come back and tell my story. It also felt good to show these students what can happen if you take full advantage of your education here and grasp every opportunity."

When asked to describe his Curry experience Gough used the words "determination" and "pursuit of happiness," mottos his father has enstilled in him since a young age.

Fitting choices for a young man who has always had a clear idea of where he's going, and how he'll get there.

"I've worked very hard to get where I am, and it's all paid off so far. Without my family, my friends and Curry College, I wouldn't be where I am today, and I am very thankful and have a strong sense of gratitude for that."


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