• Cameron Hoyt '17 - Early Childhood Education


    Cameron Hoyt's passion for education began while working back home in Westfield, Massachusetts at his local YMCA. There, he worked in the Childcare Department, and the experience inspired him to come to Curry and study to become a kindergarten teacher.

  • Giana DiCarlo '15 - Psychology


    When Giana DiCarlo '15 first came to Curry College she wasn't quite sure what path she wanted to take academically. But soon after stepping foot on campus in her first year, with the help of her "incredible" advisor, she decided on psychology...and she hasn't looked back.

  • Jared Berman '17 - Criminal Justice and Politics & History


    A member of the class of 2017 and a double major in criminal justice and politics and history, Jared Berman is an extremely passionate and motivated individual, who as a high school student ran for school committee in his hometown of Weymouth, Massachusetts. He narrowly lost the election, but was not swayed in his passion for involvement.

  • Taylor Pacheco '16 - Nursing


    "I chose to transfer to Curry because I'd attended a large public university where my lecture classes ranged from 300-400 students. When I came to Curry I noticed how small the classes were, and that was really important to me."

  • Christine Nguyen '15 - Management


    "I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to have an opportunity to gain real world experience in the business world while still in school, especially at a company as well-known as Reebok.”

  • Tyler Collins '14 - Graphic Design


    "During my four years as a graphic design major here at Curry, I've built up quite a portfolio. I put a lot of time and effort into it, and I think it's really paid off.""

  • Elena del Peral '16 - Communication, PR


    "I really liked the atmosphere and the fact that Curry is near Boston," says Communication major Elena del Peral '16, explaining her decision to attend Curry. "But what really sold me here were the classroom sizes."

  • Lauren Chuha '14 - Elementary Education


    “I love Curry. I applied to five other schools. Coming here was definitely the best decision. At other colleges, you have one or two semesters of student teaching, and Curry gives you four to make sure that you really want to and are ready to teach.”

  • Chelsey Kaiser '14 - Education


    "I love being able to constantly be in contact with upperclassmen, underclassmen, and transfer students. I was an RA for transfer students as well and I felt like I really made a difference in helping them and welcoming them into the Curry community." - Resident Assistant Chelsey Kaiser '14

  • Jordan Rogers '15 - Criminal Justice


    "When I first stepped on campus I honestly felt like it was home. People were so nice to me. They opened doors for me. They’re all smiling. When I saw the students they were all accepting of each other, asking each other questions. And they made me actually feel like I was a Curry student even though they knew I was still a high school student."

  • Skubie Mageza '14 - Communication

    Campus Image

    "I chose Curry. Another school had recruited me, but Curry had an excellent football program and more; a small campus that's still close to the big city; small classes that would let me achieve my potential; and of course, a team that fills the stands every game."

  • Heather Flaherty '14 - Psychology


    A community...that's how Heather Flaherty '14 describes Curry College. And, the junior Psychology major has fully immersed herself into this community. "I've always felt right at home at Curry," Flaherty says. "The small class sizes and the opportunity to build connections with the faculty members were other reasons that helped me choose Curry."

  • Stacy Osorio '14 - Information Technology


    Stacy Osorio ’14, an Information Technology major and Management minor from Pittsfield, Massachusetts has known since high school that she wanted to pursue a career in the IT field. “When I was looking for colleges I wanted to be near or in Boston because that is where I saw plenty of opportunities within the IT field.”

  • Julia Jacobs '14 - Nursing


    Helping people is in Julia Jacobs' blood...literally. She eventually followed in her father's footsteps by becoming both a volunteer firefighter and certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) while in high school. It was only logical that when she started looking at colleges, she would pursue a career in a similar field.

  • Jay Cobden '14 - Nursing


    "I looked at bigger nursing schools, but I realized the best option for me was a smaller school where professors know who you are. I also wanted a school with ties to Boston, because the city offers some of the best hospitals and clinical sites in the United States."

  • Elton Silva '14 - Management + Communication


    The next big-time corporate television mogul could very well be Elton Silva '14, a double major in communication and management at Curry College. As a high school sophomore, Elton found himself in a TV production course, and he's been excited about all things television ever since.


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