Chelsey Kaiser '14 - Education


A "family" is how Chelsey Kaiser '14 would describe the people at Curry College. Over the past four years Chelsey has built relationships with students, faculty and staff alike.

Being a Resident Assistant (RA) and a student worker for the Department of Public Safety, Chelsey has had the opportunity to meet many different students. She decided to become an RA because she likes interacting with all of the students, and felt that as an RA she could make a difference for others.

"I love being able to constantly be in contact with upperclassmen, underclassmen, and transfer students. I was an RA for transfer students last year and I felt like I really made a difference in helping them and welcoming them into the Curry community."

Chelsey believes that living on campus is a great way for students to become a part of the Curry community.

"In the residence halls, room doors are always open.  Everybody's in and out.  You're hanging out with one person here and the next thing you know you're down the hall and hanging out with somebody else.  Even though we were all mixed majors that didn't stop us from studying together."

For Chelsey, the RA she had during her first year played a big role in making sure that kind of interaction occurred-one of the reasons she was inspired to take on the role herself.

"The girls on my floor and I, we are friends to this day.  We say hi to each other all the time even though I don't live with them now.  Our RA would come up to us and say, 'hey guys there's this cool event going on, let's all go together.' Or 'let's all go get dinner together.'  They really make it so that you won't be alone.  That definitely helped shape my freshman year, getting to know everyone and attending all of the programs and other events."

Chelsey was ready to leave home but wasn't sure if she would "fit in" or be able to handle the school work, until the day she met her roommate. Chelsey and her roommate came into school with the same fears and together, they conquered them. They made new friends, studied hard, and got involved. Chelsey also wanted to do well academically, so she set high goals for herself knowing she could accomplish them.

"I felt like I tried harder in college.  I wanted to get the good grades.  I wanted to have a 3.0 and above.  I set the goals so high for myself that once I finished out my first semester and I realized that I could do it and I could do it by myself it was just an amazing feeling."

Chelsey considers the people at Curry her family because they are always together. She knows that she can trust and rely on the students, faculty, and staff at Curry which to her means family. Curry has created a sense of community for Chelsey where she feels that there is always someone there to lend her a helping a hand.

"The faculty, staff and other students are so open and so willing to help you whether it's academically or personally, that it creates an overall family feel when you come here."


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