Kathy Murphy '09 - MBA


A strong commitment to lifelong learning spurred Kathy Murphy to enroll in The Curry College MBA program while she continued working as a manager at Dunkin' Brands, Inc., in Canton, Massachusetts. "Getting an MBA was always my goal," says Kathy. "The pace of change and the global impact on business in today's environment makes education critical for success. I also wanted to be a role model for my business team and for my children, to let them know it's important to keep learning throughout our lives." While she pursued her MBA, Dunkin' Brands promoted Kathy to her current position as Director of Customer Relations.

As Kathy first contemplated her educational future, she reviewed the Curry MBA curriculum and Capstone opportunity and felt Curry's flexible scheduling would meet her needs. "All of the courses were valuable in helping me understand the different aspects and linkage of an entire organization," says Kathy. "I have a greater awareness and appreciation for how various roles contribute to business operations. Even if I struggled in certain subjects at Curry - it definitely helped me to seek tutoring in statistics - I see the value that topic brings to a company." In particular, Kathy discovered how extensively she's called on each day to apply the information from her business law class. "Although regulations change all the time, I now feel more prepared to deal with this evolving environment."

Inspired by all of her Curry professors, Kathy cites Dr. Gail Arch, the original MBA program director, and Dr. William Topper, the current program director, as two examples of the Curry quality and spirit. "Both have a passion for teaching, for the MBA program, and for helping people succeed and grow."

The diversity of students in Kathy's MBA program provided many advantages. "My cohort group included people with a wide range of ages. Some were just out of undergraduate programs while others were experienced business people. That's valuable because I think we can learn from everyone. It's great to be able to share your own background, to gain perspective about it and help others benefit from your experience. The collective insight of the group was amazing - the different industries, best practices, the challenges we face - and it really enriched my education."

The Capstone project provided some of Kathy's most memorable times at Curry College. As project manager for her cohort group assigned to consult with Polartec in Malden, Massachusetts, Kathy was responsible for coordinating and collaborating with team leaders. "I saw firsthand the value of teamwork, of capturing everyone's strengths, the power of working together to create success and what can happen when everyone contributes." The cohort actually visited Polartec's site in China to review supply chain and manufacturing processes, logistics, trucking and operations. "Seeing the manufacturing plant and the culture, as well as the business development effort and the people, really helped me appreciate the global reach of business," says Kathy. "The Capstone experience also strengthened my strategic management skills, which was one of my professional goals going into the program."

While Kathy participated in the Curry MBA program, she and four other colleagues decided to meet regularly to review and process the information they learned in class. "My study group was a significant factor in my success," says Kathy. "Many of the people I met have become my lifelong friends. We help each other personally and professionally through networking, connections, mentoring and friendships. Getting to know them has been a priceless opportunity and something that will always keep me connected to Curry."

A Massachusetts native who lives with her family in Braintree, Kathy found Curry College through her oldest son and recognized how his career success was grounded in the excellent preparation he received there. In addition to his positive experience while completing his nursing education, the Curry community rallied around him after a serious accident two years later. "We were overwhelmed by their support," says Kathy. The 'Curry family' feeling is real, and the relationship with the College remains long after graduation. That's impressive."


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