Foreign Languages and Culture

Language skills and cultural studies are essential for success in areas such as business, the arts, criminal justice, health and social services, national security, foreign affairs, and international trade and tourism.

Study of foreign language and culture also offers many other benefits. It strengthens language, memory, communication, and problem-solving skills and provides insights into our own language and culture. In addition, it expands our world view and helps develop an appreciation of cultural values, traditions, and artistic expression.


Calligraphy in Chinese class at Curry College

Chinese is the most widely-spoken language on Earth. Studying Mandarin opens doors to one of the world's most ancient civilizations and today's most vibrant growing economies, offering tools for students with interests in business, society, politics, and culture to engage with the over one-fifth of the world's population that speaks Chinese across the globe. (Pictured above: Student display Calligraphy assignments from Professor Chinn Swartz's Mandarin Chinese class)


Study of French enriches students by providing an opportunity to understand a major European civilization. Because literature, art, and music are used in teaching French, students will not only learn a language but also gain an appreciation for the culture of France. Since one-third of English vocabulary words are derived from French, students will also improve their English vocabulary.


Italian Cinema explores themes in Italian culture through the medium of film.


Culture of Spain class at Curry College

Since the United States is now one of the largest Spanish-speaking nations and people of Hispanic descent are its fastest growing minority, we frequently find that we live and work with American citizens whose Spanish language and Hispanic culture can no longer be considered "foreign." (Pictured above:  Professor DiIuglio hosts tapas party for his Culture of Spain class)

See the course catalog for more information on foreign language classes.

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