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    The student : faculty ratio at Curry

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    First-year students who live on campus

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It's really nice to walk by people and have friendly faces that you see every day. It really becomes your home when you're here.

Jessica Lorento '16
Major: Psychology

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Learning Outcomes

The Environmental Science Major

1.       Students will be able to explain the basic concepts of environmental science.

a.       Knowledge of the role of ecology as the basis of environmental science.
b.       Knowledge of growth and regulation of human populations.
c.       Knowledge of the production and utilization of resources.
d.       Knowledge of human impact on the nonliving environment.

2.       Students will learn a variety of skills necessary to function as an environmental scientist in the workplace or as a candidate for an advanced degree.

a.       Ability to design experiments with appropriate controls and to conduct original research.
b.       Ability to design sampling protocols and effective use of sampling equipment, and to feel at home working in a variety of field settings.
c.       Ability to apply mathematical or statistical approaches involved in data analysis and in interpreting various types of environmental information.

3.       Students will continue to develop scientific critical thinking skills.

a.       Ability to assess appropriateness of sampling protocols , experimental designs,and significance or relevance of data.
b.      Ability to think critically in reading and analyzing environmental information in both mass media and research journal articles.

4.       Students will demonstrate the ability to articulate verbally and in writing, knowledge of    environmental science, its methodologies and issues.

a.       Ability to write in scientific format and to present research findings in oral presentations.

5.       Students will develop an awareness of the impact that environmental science has had on society at large ,as well as the interactions of environmental science with other disciplines such as philosophy, literature and art.

a.     Awareness of a shift in the attitudes of environmental agencies and polluters, from adversarial to cooperative.


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