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I was that student - very shy and nervous to meet new people - I kept my door closed and wasn't very involved outside the classroom when I first got to Curry. But at some point, I made a conscious decision to get out of my comfort zone and started making things happen.

Christine Nguyen '15
Major: Management

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Curry Students Participate at Microsoft Code Camp

Code Camps are all about developers sharing knowledge with fellow developers in an open format and an informal setting.  They are a one day free event where developers come together to share their knowledge with each other in a relaxed yet energized classroom environment. There are no fees charged, admission is also free, and presentations may not include sales pitches.

The Code Camp organizers encourage presenters to share a diverse set of technologies.  Code Camps are organized by developers for developers and any topic of interest to the developer community may be presented.  All local developers, from new to experienced, are encouraged to attend and present. 

On October 19, for the first time, Curry sent representatives to attend and work at Code Camp.  Boston Code Camp 20  provided these Curry students with the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with local IT professionals from our community...

My name is James McCormack, and on October 20, 2013 I volunteered/attended Boston Code Camp 20. The event took place at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Initially, when I agreed to volunteer at this event I was a little intimidated. After all, this was Code Camp at NERD!

Our Curry College group consisted of two of my classmates, John Chagares and Stacy Osorio, and our professor Dr. Ronald Krawitz. One of the event volunteers, Dian, gave us quick run through of the attendee registration process and then we all took our places at the registration desk. Our job was to record the attendees as they entered. We did this by either checking their name off of the events registration sheet, or by writing down their full name and e-mail address. We also handed out brochures for the events sponsors and gave out schedules of the day's events.  

At 8:30 the welcoming ceremony began. I took my leave from the registration desk with coffee and donuts in hand and grabbed a seat in the main conference room.  The speaker first thanked all the people by name who volunteered their time, including all of us who were there from Curry College. He then gave out some basic information, such as how to log into the Cambridge Wi-Fi network. He also talked about Code Camp in a more general sense. He said that this was the twentieth Code Camp to be held at NERD, and that typically the event is held every six months. He then went on to explain that Code Camp exists as a place for developers to meet and share new ideas, as well as to network with other industry professionals in their field.

Throughout the day I went to four presentations in all. The first presentation I attended was "Typescript-making Java Safe". The second was "Introduction to Windows 8 Apps for Windows Forms Developers". The Third was called "Using Windows Azure Mobile Services to Build Cloud-Enabled Mobile Apps", and the last was "Aggregation with MongoDB". It was a long day, but it was worth it. The most intimidating thing about Code Camp for me was the vocabulary. The people who attend these events are real industry professionals. These are people who know their field inside and out, so naturally they throw around a ton of terminology. In the end, the vocabulary was also what made it such an amazing experience. I not only learned a lot, but I was amazed at what I understood. I'm not saying that I could go in to detail and explain everything about any of the presentations, but I understood enough for me. I remember one of the presenters asking if everyone knew what NoSQL was and of course, I'm the only one who doesn't. I raised my hand, took a guess and I was right. I felt like I deserved a prize for that!

Overall, it was a great experience that I would recommend wholeheartedly to any student who is serious about majoring in Information Technology.  


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