• The student : faculty ratio at Curry

    The student : faculty ratio at Curry

  • First-year students who live on campus

    First-year students who live on campus

  • Students who receive financial aid

    Students who receive financial aid

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    Number of faculty and staff employed at Curry College

  • Number of traditional undergraduate students

    Number of traditional undergraduate students


"When students first meet their orientation leaders, they're usually very quiet. But it's the role of their orientation leader to get them comfortable with each other, make friends, participate in the different activities. If students have any questions they should feel like they can ask that question without being judged or that they shouldn't ask - there is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to orientation.

Jordan Rogers '15
Major: Criminal Justice

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Learning Outcomes

Nursing Program Outcomes

Thinking Critically
• Uses clinical reasoning to provide optimal patient-centered care. (P/PCC)
• Locates, evaluates, and uses evidence within the context of patient and family preferences to provide optimal, safe and high quality patient-centered care (EBP/PCC)

Communicating Effectively
• Communicates effectively to enhance patient-centered outcomes (PCC)
• Describes the impact of effective interdisciplinary team communication and functioning on safety, quality of care, and shared decision-making (T/S)

Understanding Context
• Practices culturally responsive nursing with a global awareness of access, equity, and affordability within the context of social justice (QI)
• Uses available resources to effect changes in health care systems that minimize risk and achieve outcomes congruent with National Patient Safety Goals (S)

Appreciating Aesthetics
• Participates in the development and implementation of compassionate and creative strategies in providing patient-centered care (PCC)

Defining Personal Identity
• Demonstrates the use of recognized professional standards of nursing practice (P)
• Accepts accountability for nursing care given by self and delegated to others (P)
• Assumes a leadership role within one's scope of practice (P)

Examining Values
• Reflects on one's own beliefs and values as they relate to professional practice (P)
• Advocates for patients and the nursing profession (P)

Adapting and Innovating
• Demonstrates fluency in using patient care technologies, information systems, and communication devices that support patient-centered care and mitigate error (I/PCC)
• Articulates the value of pursuing professional practice excellence, lifelong learning, and professional engagement (QI)

Key: P = Professionalism, T = Teamwork & Collaboration, PCC = Patient Centered Care, EBP = Evidence-Based Practice, S = Safety, QI = Quality Improvement, I = Informatics

Meet Amber Soucy '13

Amber Soucy '13, a Psych Nurse at Westwood Lodge Hospital and Correctional Nurse at Massachusetts Correctional Institution explains the advantages of choosing the Curry Nursing program, "I was directly accepted into the Curry Nursing program...I received better scholarships from Curry...and I got to start my clinical rotations during sophomore year, so I gained real world experience right off the bat."

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