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"It feels welcoming to be in classes where I can be a part of the discussion and feel comfortable raising my hand and sharing my opinions."

Caitlyn De Serres '18
Major: Psychology, Sociology

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Psychology Curriculum

As a psychology major, you will become more aware of your personal identities, appreciate the social and cultural context in which you live, examine your values, increase your skills in critical thinking and use psychological concepts and skills to enrich, expand and explore your life.

Prerequisites: Credits
PSY 1030 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 1400 Child Development

Requirements for Psychology Major:
The psychology major requires 31 credits of psychology courses beyond the 1000 level, including:
PSY 2050 Experimental Psychology
(Recommended for second semester sophomores)
PSY 2___ Four courses at the 2000-level or above 12
PSY 3___ A minimum of four additional psychology courses
at the 3000-level or 4000-level.
PSY 3500 Senior Seminar
(Recommended for the senior year)

Requirements in Related Areas:
MATH 1150 Statistics I
(This is a prerequisite to PSY 2050. Recommended for first semester sophomores)

We strongly encourage students to consider doing an internship (field experience) in psychology during their junior and/or senior years. Only three credits of internship learning may be credited toward the 3000-level requirement. (EXP 2340 is a prerequisite.)

Graduation With Distinction in Psychology

Students who wish to graduate with distinction in psychology must meet the following requirements:

  1. Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA.

  2. Submit two letters of recommendation from full-time psychology faculty to the chairperson of the Psychology department.

  3. Complete PSY 4500: Jr. Seminar: Advanced Research in Psychology with a minimum grade of B. This 3-credit course, to be completed during the Junior year, is in addition to the 31 credits required for completion of the Psychology Major.

  4. Complete a 3 credit internship, independent study/readings or Teaching Assistantship (PSY 3400), with a minimum grade of B+.

Psychology Laboratory

The psychology major also requires training in research methods in psychology. This training is offered through the experimental psychology laboratory. Research experience is offered as part of the experimental psychology course which is required of all majors. The research facilities include instrumentation and software for studying topics in human psychophysiology, including the effects of psychological stress on cardiovascular function, information processing and brain electrical activity and a variety of other psychological phenomena.

Meet Jessica Lorento '16 - Psychology

A psychology major with a minor in community health and wellness and an Honors student, Jessica Lorento '16 was looking for an academic experience in which she could have one-on-one relationships with her professors. "When I first got to Curry I met the psychology professors and right away they were super friendly and welcomed me in; that's a huge reason why I came."

Meet Giana DiCarlo '15

When Giana DiCarlo '15 first came to Curry College she wasn't quite sure what path she wanted to take academically. But soon after stepping foot on campus in her first year, with the help of her "incredible" advisor, she decided on psychology...and she hasn't looked back.

Psych Faculty Pens Teen Parenting Survival Guide

Joani Geltman, MSW, lecturer in the Curry College Psychology department, has published a new book titled, A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens: Talking to Your Kids About Sexting, Drinking, Drugs, and Other Things That Freak You Out.  Geltman's book was recently featured in an article in the Boston Globe.

Meet Brittany Howe '12

After graduating from Curry College, Brittany Howe '12, a transfer student from Braintree, MA, is working as a Behavioral Health Coordinator at South Shore Hospital.

Psychology Faculty News
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Congratulations to members of the Curry psychology faculty for their on-going professional accomplishments!

Useful Websites
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Here is a list of links to sites that are useful to psychology students. In particular, both the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychological Society (APS) provide a great deal of useful information for undergraduates.


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