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  • The student : faculty ratio at Curry

    The student : faculty ratio at Curry

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    First-year students who live on campus

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    Students who receive financial aid

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    Number of traditional undergraduate students


The mock class during Accepted Student Day really sealed the decision for me. The professor was giving a talk on sociology and social life. I wanted to stay in the classroom all day because it was something I was so interested in. He really knew how to grab our attention and I just felt connected with him. I could see myself wanting to be in a classroom like that every day.

Caitlyn De Serres '18
Major: Psychology, Sociology

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Learning Outcomes

The Sociology Major

  • Describe how sociology differs from and is similar to other social sciences
  • Describe how sociology contributes to an understanding of social life
  • Differentiate between micro and macro levels of sociological analysis
  • Explain the "sociological imagination" and apply to one's one life as an individual in society
  • Define theory and describe its role in building sociological knowledge
  • Explain and apply sociological perspectives
  • Identify basic research approaches and describe the general role of methods in building sociological knowledge
  • Demonstrate global awareness: How cultures and societies vary across time and space?
  • Explain how the process of socialization and agents of socialization such as family, work, religion, education, government, and peer groups shapes the development of the self and influences culture.
  • Recognize how social factors influence individuals' behavior, life chances, and life choices
  • Explain how people's actions and interactions influence society
  • Recognize how institutions mutually affect each other and individuals
  • Recognize the role of activism in social change
  • Define social policy and explain its importance
  • Explore the many forms of interlocking oppression that marginalize, disenfranchise, and 'other' groups.  Particular focus will paid to race, ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality.


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