Diversity in the Curriculum

Diversity means difference, understood as an historically and socially constructed set of value assumptions about what / who matters, which figures essentially in power dynamics from the local to the global. Students can improve their chances for success in an increasingly diverse society by studying the interrelationship of individuals, and marginalized groups to understand and appreciate issues of diversity, equality, and structured inequality.  (General Education, Curry College 2010)

Curry College believes that training students to become inclusive, empathetic citizens requires consistent learning throughout their four years of study.   As a result, diversity plays a core role in both our Mission Statement and as a guiding principal of our cores courses.  Regardless of their program of study, students are encouraged to develop a deep respect for diversity in all its forms, so that by graduation they will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the world's diversity and interconnectedness
  • Identify similarities and differences among cultures, religions, genders, and value systems
  • Identify and demonstrate understanding of one's own values and those of others

In addition to the ways diversity is embedded as a core objective throughout all programs of study, students are also required to take 6 credits (2 courses) that fulfill the Multicultural/International requirement.  Such courses (listed below), must be at the 2000 level or above from outside one's major, thus enhancing their exposure to these issues.

Courses that satisfy International or Multicultural Requirement option for six credits within or outside the major:


African American Literature (may not double count as Literature)

AFAM/P&H 2330

African Americans in the United States

AFAM/P&H 2450

Introduction to African American Studies (same as P&H 2450)

AFAM/P&H 2492

African American Cinema


Race and Religion in the United States

CJ/SOC 2160

Urban Life: Culture and Change

CJ/SOC 2350

Human Diversity in CJ

COM 2020

Intercultural Communication


Italian Cinema

ED 2150

Developing Community Circles


Sociology of Education

ENG 2140

Contemporary American Literature: A Multicultural Approach (may not double count as a Literature)

ENG 2890

Misrepresentation of African American on Screen

FR 2200

The Culture of France

HON 1852

First Year Honors Colloquium II & Seminar II

MATH 1170

East Asian Mathematics: An Alternate Approach

MGT 3930

Management of International Business

MUS 2000

Classical Music

MUS 2550

International Urban Music


Eastern Religion & Philosophy

PHIL 2035

Introduction to Chinese Philosophy


Religion and Ecology

PSY/SOC 2115

Men, Self & Society

REL 2040

Western Religion

SOC 2085

World Cultures: Selected Area Topics

SOC 2200

The Culture of Spain

SOC 2470

Sex, Gender and Sexuality

SOC/WGS 2620

Family, Kinship & Social Organization

SOC/WGS 2670

Wealth, Poverty and Social Class

SPAN 2200

The Culture of Spain

SPAN 2210

The Culture of South America

VA 2910

History of Visual Arts from the Paleolithic Time to Gothic

VA 2920

History of Visual Arts from the Renaissance to Contemporary

VA 2930

Contemporary Art

WS 2000

Women's Lives: Realities and Choices

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