• Tony Luciani '10 - Wolf & Company, P.C.


    "Using the experience and the technical background I had from Curry, I interviewed at the firm Wolf & Company in Boston and got the job of IT auditor. I climbed the ladder, became a supervisor, and have now been there for more than six years," recalls Tony Luciani, 10, Information Technology.

  • Ana Bottary '13 and Melissa Randall '09 - ABC6 News


    Melissa Randall '09 and Ana Bottary '13, both products of Curry College's communication program, are now thriving in one of the country's top news markets, Providence, Rhode Island. And although Melissa's title is 'weekend anchor' and Ana's is 'multimedia journalist', they both do so much more in the course of their work days.

  • Nikki Graves '06 - Studio Arts


    "When we do the reviews for the shoes, I always think back to sitting in studio class at Curry, where we'd critique everyone's art pieces...One of my professors, Laurie Alpert, would always say that critiques are not something to be taken personally. In fact they help you progress and make something good, even better." - Nikki Graves '06, Global Quality Assurance Specialist, The Rockport Group.

  • Kenley Preval '15 - Dana-­Farber Cancer Institute


    When Kenley Preval, transferred to Curry from a large university, he was looking for a more hands-on Biology program. He wanted to be able to work one-on-one with professors while developing his research in the medical field. After graduating from Curry in 2015, Kenley conducted research at Dana-­Farber Cancer Institute and is now enrolled in the University of Massachusetts Medical School's joint MD-PhD program.

  • Krista Selnau '09 - Politics and History & English


    "Curry was my first-choice college...I liked the small size and the feeling of community when I visited campus. By joining clubs and organizations, I learned how the process works and that you could start your own club, implement your ideas and create change. Now, I'm better able to take initiative and not be just a follower. Within Curry's supportive environment, I felt comfortable enough to take a risk and step into leadership positions."

  • Elizabeth Eddy '11 - Science, Math


    Elizabeth Eddy's path to professional success began when she made the choice to pursue her passion for the sciences at Curry College. "The process of transferring to Curry College was so easy and convenient for me at the time. They sent me a hand written note along with my acceptance letter saying 'Congratulations!' I really felt like that they wanted to have me there." Today, Liz calls Washington, D.C. home and is an ORISE Research Participant at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Christine Nguyen '15 - Business Management


    "Curry prepared me (for my positions at Wayfair and Staples) in many ways. My four internships prepared me more than I believe anyone or anything else could have. That real world, hands-on experience I gained two years before starting my first job right out of college made me more prepared, experienced, and ready to hit the ground running," says Christine Nguyen '15, Business Management.

  • Amber Soucy '13 - Nursing


    Amber Soucy '13, a medical surgical telemetry nurse at St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford, who has also been a psych nurse at Westwood Lodge Hospital and a correctional nurse at Massachusetts Correctional Institution, explains the advantages of choosing the Curry Nursing program, "I was directly accepted into the Curry Nursing program...I received better scholarships from Curry...and I got to start my clinical rotations during sophomore year, so I gained real world experience right off the bat."

  • Jordan Lancaster '13 - Elementary Education


    Growing up, Jordan Lancaster '13 always knew she wanted to be a teacher. She finally realized that dream after graduating from Curry with a degree in elementary education and integrated liberal studies, and is now teaching at the Laura E. Richards Elementary School in Maine.

  • Tyler Collins '14 - Graphic Design


    "During my four years as a graphic design major at Curry, I built up quite a portfolio. I put a lot of time and effort into it and I think it really paid off." - Tyler Collins '14, Jr. Graphic Designer at Gupta Media

  • Ivan Marchany '16 - Information Technology, PAL


    Like many high school kids, Ivan Marchany was very much into video games. But little did he realize that his boyhood hobby would turn into a career path in cyber-security. Because of a learning difference, Ivan's college search led him from his home in Puerto Rico to the Curry College PAL program, where he thrived academically as an IT major, turning his once-perceived weaknesses into strengths. Ivan is currently attending Florida Institute of Technology's Master of Science in Information Assurance & Cybersecurity.

  • Andrew Graziano '07 - Communication


    In 2007, Andrew Graziano attended the Curry "Hollywood Productions: Up Close" class trip to Los Angeles. One of the stops during this week-long tour was to visit "The Price is Right" set at CBS in Studio City. Ironic, since Graziano now works on that very same studio lot as the Director of Video Operations and Video Products for CBS Interactive.

  • Ryan Warsofsky '11 - Management


    Ryan Warsofsky '11 may have had his pro hockey career cut short due to injuries, but he was not to be deterred. The Marshfield native and former Colonels hockey defenseman and assistant coach serves as Manager of Hockey Operations for the South Carolina Stingrays, an ECHL affiliate of the Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals.

  • Nick Messier '13 - Biology - Criminal Justice


    Nick Messier '13 always had a clear idea of the career path he would take, and just months after graduating from Curry College, the dual biology/criminal justice major was already employed at Charles River Laboratories in Wilmington, Mass.

  • Elton Silva '14 - Communication & Management


    Elton Silva '14 was first attracted to Curry College because of the communication program and all of the opportunities it offered. Once he became a student he fell in love with business management. The combination of the two in a double major set him on his current career path - Senior Consultant of Pharmacy Operations at CVS Health.

  • Shawn Edge '08 - IT


    “Studying nanotechnology in Australia was the best experience I’ve ever had. It allowed me to learn other cultures and make friends with people who were from Germany, China, Switzerland, and South Africa. It was an amazing experience to network and develop those relationships.” - Shawn Edge '08, Senior Quality Assurance Lead, Mobile for Target

  • Alicia Williams '09 - Communication - PR


    Starting your own business in the middle of a recession is hard enough. Doing it at the age of 22, right after graduating from college is even harder. That's why the rapid success of Alicia (Viscomi) Williams '09 is so remarkable. After graduating from Curry College with a degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations, Williams decided to chart her own course.

  • Monica DiStefano '14 - Elementary Education

    Campus Image

    "I can't say enough about the Education program. I was so close with all of my professors...I was always emailing and meeting with them. And the small class sizes were great - it was so personal. I loved it!" - Monica DiStefano '14, 6th Grade Math Teacher, Scituate Public Schools

  • Bob Nolet '08 - Communication


    As Director of Communications and Events at the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce, Pembroke native Bob Nolet '08 markets a chamber comprised of seven hundred and fifty members and servicing nine towns on the south shore, is responsible for over sixty different events each year, and is tasked with media relations, publications and administering the Chamber's social media sites.

  • Julia Jacobs '14 - Nursing


    Helping people is in Julia Jacobs' blood...literally. She followed in her father's footsteps by becoming both a volunteer firefighter and certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) while in high school. Now, not only is she a Curry College alum, she's a Registered ER Nurse at Hartford Hospital.

  • Stacy Osorio '14 - Information Technology


    Stacy Osorio ’14, an Information Technology major and Management minor from Pittsfield, Massachusetts has known since high school that she wanted to pursue a career in the IT field. “When I was looking for colleges I wanted to be near or in Boston because that is where I saw plenty of opportunities within the IT field.” She is now a sales engineer at Localytics in Boston, an international web app marketing and analytics firm.

  • David Littlefield '91 - Management


    "You can get anything done if you make the commitment. No matter what you're doing, it's not about this moment, it's about that moment five years from now and where you want to be," says David Littlefield '91, Management, "The Sausage Guy" and owner of 'Salsa' Restaurant.

  • Kelly Nichols '12 - Education


    Kelly Nichols is already thriving in the Everett, MA school system not long after graduating from Curry College. The 2012 alum is a second grade treacher at the Whittier School. And it all started with the experience she gained as a student teacher at Curry.

  • Joe Morabito '06 - Communication


    Joe Morabito '06 has the kind of drive that has helped him build a career in one of this country's toughest industries: Hollywood. The communication graduate has worked for some very high profile shows already, including one of the most popular shows on television: ABC's "Dancing With the Stars."

  • Craig Dudley '12 - Graphic Design


    Realizing early on he wanted to focus on his education in a major that combined his computer skills with his artistic abilities, Craig found an excellent fit in the graphic design program at Curry College. He now works as a front end web developer for Boston Logic Technology Partners.

  • Michael Griffin '12 - Management + Communication

    Campus Image

    "The experience, contacts, and overall knowledge I gained during my internship at Former Senator (John) Kerry's Office really helped to prepare me for post-graduation life." - Michael Griffin '12, Inbound Marketing Consultant at HubSpot in Cambridge, MA.

  • Lauren Chuha '14 - Elementary Education


    “I loved the Education Program at Curry. I applied to five other schools. Coming here was definitely the best decision. At other colleges, you have one or two semesters of student teaching, and Curry gives you four to make sure that you really want to and are ready to teach.” - Lauren Chuha '14, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lawrence Public Schools

  • Brittany Howe '12 - Psychology


    After graduating from Curry College, Brittany Howe '12, a transfer student from Braintree, MA, is working as a Behavioral Health Coordinator at South Shore Hospital.

  • Natalie Petit '12 - Politics and History + Criminal Justice


    "My passion is helping others," said Natalie Petit, who graduated from Curry College in 2012 with a double major in Criminal Justice and Politics and History, and recently received double Master's degrees as well. "I've always liked law enforcement, politics and community organizing, and I enjoy helping people improve, especially juveniles who've been in trouble with the law and are on probation, or students willing to excel."

  • Isabelle Abrams '13 - Education

    Campus Image

    When Isabelle Abrams '13 was considering colleges, the staff at Curry College made it an easy choice. "The Curry Admissions team spent so much time with me during my interview - we talked for over an hour. After that, I knew I would not be a number here." Abrams now works as a teacher at the Scheck Hillel Community School in Florida.

  • Jeannine Hatch '06 - M.Ed.


    Jeannine Hatch, M.Ed. ‘06 worked as an accountant for 17 years before applying to the Master of Education program at Curry College. Inspired by volunteer work at her twin boys’ elementary school and the hope that she may one day have the same schedule to spend more time with family, she contemplated a career change.

  • Lindsey Brown '06 - Communication


    Lindsey Brown '06 never dreamed that she would become a public relations pro, but she has spent the last five years representing some of the most recognizable brands and events in the country as an Account Executive at SLATE PR in New York City.

  • Gary Leopold '77 - Communication


    As a grateful alumnus, Leopold has opened the doors of his company, ISM to host young alumni networking receptions, and has returned to campus to share his story and advice with the next generation of Curry entrepreneurs. While he is quick to encourage students to apply for internships and seek real-world experiences, he also believes that being good and doing good can take any person to great heights.

  • Angela Morabito '10 - Psychology


    When Angela Morabito '10 entered Ameri-Corps after Curry College, she was a young woman with a genuine desire to help others. Today, she is a young woman who took a chance, ventured outside her comfort zone, and worked hard to significantly improve the lives of hundreds across the nation.

  • William Miller '06 - Nursing


    Miller worked through the comprehensive eighteen month Nursing program at Curry, studied hard for the mandatory standardized test and excelled at hands-on training in the lab. While he says it took time to re-acclimate himself to the classroom setting after tackling the corporate world, he quickly found that the clinical component of the program helped to put the lessons he was learning in the classroom into perspective.

  • Heidi Webb '79 - Psychology + Education


    Whether assisting individuals going through a divorce or advocating for young children with dyslexia, Heidi Webb '79 is passionate about using her education and experience in holistic and novel ways.

  • Dana Panepinto '87 - Communication


    As the general sales manager and director of sports sales at WEEI/Entercom Radio in Boston, Dana Panepinto '87 manages Red Sox play-by-play, Celtics play-by-play, ‘Patriots Monday' and ‘Patriots Friday,' and has helped elevate the Boston Red Sox Radio Network to the number one billing network in major league baseball, despite only airing in the 10th largest media market.

  • Robert Anderson '07 - IT + Criminal Justice


    Despite economic challenge and record unemployment rates, Information Technology alumnus Robert Anderson '07 is thriving in his career. Not only is he employed with one of the country's fastest growing companies, but he has been promoted several times since graduating from Curry.

  • Bryan Ryder '92 - Communication


    "I owe my career to Curry. The school provided me with everything I have today. The tools I received from my classes and internships there have been invaluable throughout my life," says ESPN Sports Producer, Bryan Ryder '92.

  • Holden Kepecs '85 - Communication


    "Back in the late 70's, early '80's in school, I couldn't keep up academically with the so called 'normal' kids, so everyone else was lumped in together in the 'special' classes, even thought there existed a wide range of learning disabilities," recalls Emmy-winning editor Holden Kepecs. "I could never find a happy medium where I could learn at my own pace, until I got to Curry."

  • Sheila Jichi '10 - MBA


    "When I started the Curry MBA program, I knew I would get a degree," says Sheila Jichi of Foxboro, Mass. "What I didn't expect was to gain enough confidence to feel I can take on almost anything, personally and professionally. I didn't know I would make a lifelong connection to the program and the people in it. What I gained is hard to quantify in words."

  • Sydney Lowe '98 - Communication


    Sydney Lowe '98 may not have taken the most traditional path in securing a bachelor's degree from Curry College. But after locking up a spot as the Manager of Broadcasting Operations for Major League Baseball Network, she doesn't have any regrets.

  • Chris Lees '98 - Communication


    "I looked at other schools with Communication programs like Syracuse and Notre Dame, but after I visited Curry on Accepted Student Day, saw the radio station and met the folks who worked there, it was a no-brainer," says former ESPN and current NBC Sports NASCAR guru and Emmy Award winner Chris Lees '98.


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