Todd DeLorenzo '95 - Politics and History


The Branding Man

He is not your typical Washington operative. He is not lobbying for any causes. He is not occupying downtown, nor is he protecting the President. He probably won't reveal his choice candidate in the upcoming presidential election, nor will he suggest a party affiliation. Todd DeLorenzo '95 is truly hard to peg in a town that revolves around party lines and parochial political profiles; but that is his goal.

"I work as a branding communications consultant. I find ways to raise the profile of the individual I work for, and thus raise their status or the status of the organization with which they are associated," said DeLorenzo.

Rather than spend time defining himself for Washington, DeLorenzo is paid to help political notables define their own images on the world stage.

"I find a strategy to help my clients stay relevant, through marketing, branding work, campaigning, speaking engagements and even book deals," said DeLorenzo, who got his start in Washington, D.C. with an internship through Curry College.

"I spent my last semester in Washington and did the White House Internship with Leon Panetta. I have not left since I took that drive from Curry," said DeLorenzo, who majored in Politics and History.

DeLorenzo grew up with a love of politics, but knew that he would only be satisfied with a career that would also provide a creative outlet. Upon arriving in D.C., he explored the political landscape to find a career that would allow him to color outside the lines a bit in the partisan world of Washington. It was not until he accepted a position in the office of democratic strategist James Carville that he finally found that perfect combination of labor and love.

DeLorenzo later jumped party lines to offer branding advice to republican political consultant Mary Matalin. When former United States Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman got into the movie business and became the Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in 2004, DeLorenzo moved in from stage left to help convince political folk and movie lovers alike that the pick was brilliant.

"Agriculture is the number one U.S. export, and entertainment is number two; so there are a lot of similarities between the two jobs he had to do," said DeLorenzo, who spent five years with the MPAA developing Glickman's professional persona and thus raising the profile of the industry.

Having defined himself as a bipartisan consultant in D.C. for over a decade, DeLorenzo was excited to shift his talents to the the Bipartisan Policy Center in 2009. The group, now a $20 million plus business, aims to find bipartisan solutions to the policy issues that face the country today. DeLorenzo appreciates the group's mission, but is focused on his goal to elevate the image of company President Jason Grumet.

"He is an outstanding entrepreneurial leader and gives the organization such great direction," said DeLorenzo.

In the firm and furious world of Washington politics, DeLorenzo continues to find joy in his work and is glad that he never sacrificed his creative talents and interests for a typical political gig. He says that he is grateful that the internship opportunity he got at Curry introduced him to his future career.

"I think that I have been fortunate to combine labor and love, and to find a place in the political world with creative outlets, says DeLorenzo. "Curry providing me with the opportunity to spend my last semester in D.C. certainly was vital to my success.


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