Holden Kepecs '85 - NBC/Peacock Productions


Holden Kepecs is an Emmy, Cable Ace and Grand Gracie Award-winning video editor.  His long list of credits include over 20 years as senior editor for Lucky Duck Productions in New York, helping to make 'Nick News with Linda Ellerbee' the longest running children's news program in the history of television. He continues to edit for NBC/Peacock Productions. 

But throughout his life, he's had to work harder than most to get to where he is today.

You see, Kepecs never felt like he fit in with the rest of the kids in grade school back in his native Long Island.  He grew up in a very academically competitive area of New York, and being the first kid in his district diagnosed with a learning disability didn't help.

"Back in the late 70's, early '80's in school, I couldn't keep up academically with the so called 'normal' kids, so everyone else was lumped in together in the 'special' classes, even thought there existed a wide range of learning disabilities," recalls Kepecs.  "I could never find a happy medium where I could learn at my own pace, until I got to Curry."

The Class of '85 alum recalled his first time on campus, "Before my freshman year I attended a summer PAL (Program for Advancement of Learning) session.  I was looking around at all these kids who had the same problem as me.  That was the first moment that I felt like I really belonged."

Not only was Curry a great social outlet for Kepecs, but the tight knit community and one-on-one relationship with his teachers was worth its weight in gold.

"The teachers were terrific," said Kepecs.  "We were able to take untimed tests and get help with our note taking, but we also weren't coddled either.  We were encouraged to work independently as much as possible.  I still had to work my butt off, and it was all worth it."

And he continued that hard work after graduation, making his way up the professional ladder.

"Like many college grads, I started out at the bottom.  I worked as a messenger, a shipping clerk and even edited corporate and music videos for a while.  All the while I was networking," Kepecs recalled.

But the best advice Kepecs can give to Curry students today is to get an internship as soon as possible.

"Try not to waste your time during your stay at Curry.  Get involved immediately, because you only get one shot at college," He stressed.

And it was advice that his Curry PAL professors gave to him during his time on campus that has stayed with him throughout his life.

"The motto was, 'We all take different roads through life, but eventually we all get there.' Curry was that road, and it was up to me to drive it."


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