Tony Luciani '10 - Wolf & Company, P.C.

Tony Luciani, who graduated from Curry College with a degree in Information Technology in 2010, understands the importance of close relationships with professors and peers.

"The best thing about Curry is the people. It's a community. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for my classmates, including a friend that helped me find my first job."

A week after graduating, a Curry classmate told Tony about an opportunity alongside him as a help desk systems analyst for Wainwright Bank in Boston.

After Tony worked for six months at Wainwright, the company was bought by Eastern Bank, and the office went through significant changes. But Tony had built a good relationship with his boss, who allowed him to continue to use a wide variety of tools and systems in his role.

"Using that experience and the technical background I had from Curry, I interviewed at the firm Wolf & Company in Boston and got the job of IT auditor," Tony said. "I climbed the ladder, became a supervisor, and have now been there for more than six years."

Tony didn't always see himself in the corporate world, at one point setting his sights on a career in Major League Baseball. As a talented high school athlete, Tony sought out a college experience where he could also play ball. He joined the Curry baseball team and was a captain in his last two years of school, which he felt enhanced his leadership ability.

"Not only did Curry give me technical skills, athletics helped me with learning to work as part of a team, and helped give me the drive and work ethic to balance athletics with school and family."

In addition to building his athletic and leadership skills, Tony developed his technical prowess by setting up local area networks (LANs) so he and his friends could play connected computer games in their spare time. As he started to learn more about networks and other Information Technology concepts, he switched his major from Business Management to IT. His long-term baseball dreams took a backseat, and Tony started focusing more on his career.

"Because the IT department was a relatively small group at the time, I was very hands on with my professors, and they made it fun. I was glad I picked Curry, a small school with small class sizes. I would have been lost if I went to a bigger school."

"My professors knew when I was there, and they knew what I was doing, and I asked a lot of questions. My technical courses taught me the correct industry terminology to use, and helped me understand networks and infrastructure. Plus the classes allowed me to interact with people and work on projects with them."

To stay more involved with Curry as he builds his career, Tony is now a member of the IT Alumni Advisory Board. By participating in this group, Tony is active in discussions about exciting changes to the IT department.

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"The students are taking field trips to Silicon Valley, checking out the 'Amazons and LinkedIns' of the world to see real-world professional atmospheres and IT environments. I think that's invaluable," Tony said. "I work in cyber security, which has become a big part of our society. I want to help develop a cyber security concentration or minor at Curry. I handle a lot of recruiting at my company, and we need people to come on board."

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Sounds like those technical, leadership, and relationship skills will continue to serve Tony quite well.


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