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  • Dr. Jennifer McNally - Math Education


    "We recently surveyed local principals and found that 82% will be hiring math teachers in the next three years. Through classroom experiences and a variety of field placements, we're preparing our math education majors to meet this need." - Dr. Jennifer McNally, Associate Professor, Science and Math

  • Dr. Aaron Arnold - Criminal Justice / Sociology


    Working as an intelligence analyst for the FBI, Criminal Justice and Sociology Professor, Dr. Aaron Arnold, focused on nuclear proliferation financing. So Dr. Arnold's students learn more than just theory, but lessons also based on real world experiences.

  • Dr. Jessica Fry - Biology / Biochemistry


    Dr. Jessica Fry is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Curry College, teaching biology and biochemistry majors. An important part of Dr. Fry's work at Curry includes getting her students familiar with research, which includes the study of cancer cells. Dr. Fry's favorite thing about teaching at Curry? Find out the answer to that question and more in the video below:

  • Dr. Grant Burrier - Politics & History


    "I try to bring as much of the world as I can into the classroom, but there is no substitute for actually being there," says Politics & History Professor, Dr. Grant Burrier. Dr. Burrier, whose expertise is Central and South American culture, oversees the Cuban Politics and Culture Study Tour, which allows students to experience Cuba up close.

  • Dr. Susan LaRocco - Nursing


    Dr. Susan LaRocco originally joined Curry College as a temporary faculty member in the Division of Nursing with the notion that she would be teaching at Curry for only a year. But after the initial honeymoon period ended, Dr. LaRocco had fallen in love with the College...and she quickly found that the feeling was mutual.

  • Dr. Shavindrie Cooray - Management


    Dr. Shavindrie ("Shavi") Cooray examines the relationships between humans and technology with her students by embracing technology and by looking at the bigger picture - something she has done extensively in her Ph.D. research and as a former analyst in the corporate world.

  • Alan Frank - Communication, WMLN


    "We believe in the philosophy of hands-on training and learning by doing. That philosophy works. At Curry, first-year students have an opportunity to get on the air within two to three weeks of arriving." - Professor Alan Frank, Communication/WMLN

  • Jennifer Balboni - Criminal Justice


    Energy...It is a word that Professor Jennifer Balboni constantly uses when describing her Criminal Justice classes at Curry College. "I tell my students at the beginning of each semester, 'In my class, I need you to bring your 'A' game...everyday.' We really do take it to another level."

  • Jerry Gibbs - Communication


    "What I love most about video is the ever-changing uses for the skill set," says Gibbs. "Today video is the key source of information and entertainment on the Internet, and it is giving this generation of students hundreds of new employment choices."

  • Allan Hunter - English and Honors


    "Literature is a force to help people open their eyes and expand their thinking," says Allan Hunter, professor of English and Honors. "The stories we discuss in class nudge students to examine the important issues that everyone faces. Literature helps us sort out life. It helps us think more clearly. And when we think more clearly, we write better and we communicate better."

  • Tracy Wang - Mathematics


    Mathematics Professor Tracy Wang has always tried to give her students a sense of what life is like in her native China. But she recognized the distinct difference between telling and showing.


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