Courtney Lee, Class of 2017 - Communication


Courtney Lee, Class of 2017, is making it happen. But four years ago, she wasn't even sure what "it" was.

"My senior year of high school, I didn't know really what I wanted to do. I thought, 'I'm good at talking and I like celebrities! I want to do something in broadcasting.'" Courtney chose Curry College after visiting campus to see the production facilities and classrooms.

"I didn't realize how huge the Communication department was until I came to visit. There are so many resources. The TV studio is amazing, and I love that you're hands-on. They don't just show you, they let you do it yourself."

Courtney also discovered an interesting coincidence about her advisor Professor Jerry Gibbs, director of television and digital video at Curry, happened to have lived in her small hometown in Maryland, called Germantown. "And no one knows Germantown!"  

"When I first came to Curry, I was actually shy," Courtney said. "I wanted to get involved, but I had to force myself to do it. When I first got here, I never talked to anyone ... and now people can't shut me up!"  

Courtney broadened her horizons with an internship in Institutional Advancement, working with the Director of Digital Communication on video production projects, and with the Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement and others on Public Relations initiatives.  

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During Courtney's junior year, she spoke to a representative from FOX25 television at a booth at the Student Center, and dropped off her resume. Nothing came of it for a while. Courtney was at her summer job when a representative from FOX called to interview her. The rep, recognizing in a 30-minute call that Courtney was "friendly, outgoing, and driven," offered her an internship.  

Courtney Lee ('17, COM), a FOX25 News intern, conducts her first on-camera interview w/ Lieutenant Kevin Tobin from the Quincy Police Department. Photo courtesy of @quincymapolice

Courtney Lee interviews Lieutenant Kevin Tobin from the Quincy Police Dept. (Courtesy of @quincymapolice)

Since Courtney started working at FOX in September 2016, she writes web stories, edits together videos, and sometimes goes on location with reporters or photographers to help them out. Almost right away, Courtney was assigned to shadow Elizabeth Hopkins in the field. Courtney was nervous at first, but the weekend evening news anchor helped put her at ease and took the time to help her.  

"Elizabeth was giving me so much advice. She walked me through doing a bridge [transition between segments] and writing a package [self-contained taped news reports]. She helped me practice even though it took time away from her own work, and offered to help me put together my reel. Everyone's been so great with wanting to help me."  

Courtney feels the same way about her instructors and peers at Curry. "I love that Curry is a small school and everyone knows your name. If you need help with anything, you can go to your professors, who really know you and will give you their time. It's just overwhelming how friendly and how willing they are to help you to succeed here."  

She is also well-prepared through the resources available to her as a student. "Curry continuously enhances the COM studio. The people at FOX are impressed with the equipment that I get to use for classes."  

One of Courtney's favorite classes at Curry was Video Field Production, taught by Prof. Gibbs. "The things he taught in class, like creating packages, man-on-the-street videos, and one-camera continuity shoots, I'm also doing in my internship."  

The senior's star keeps rising as she gains more and more experience. "After Curry, I want to become a broadcast journalist for entertainment news. That's my dream," says Courtney. "I feel with the connections I've made and hands-on experience Curry has given me, I'm going to make it happen."


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