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Published: 5/11/20

Realizing that the public health situation may develop in a number of ways over the coming months, Curry College is actively planning to resume campus operations and for a return to campus in the fall. With this in mind, the College has convened a Return to Campus Institutional Committee (RTCC) chaired by Mirlen Mal, Vice President of Human Resources, with members:

Sarah Augusto, Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice
Maryellen Kiley, Vice President of Student Affairs
Michael Loconto, College Counsel
William Nancarrow, Professor, Politics and History
Robert O’Connell, AVP of Buildings and Grounds        
Michelle Adams O’Regan, Vice President of Marketing and Communications
David Rosati, Vice President of Finance and CFO
Erin Simmons, Director of Health Services
Patricia Stephens, Professor, Writing Program
David Szczerbacki, Provost
Diane Webber, Faculty Chair and Professor, PAL

The Committee’s charge is to prepare for faculty, staff, and students to return under several possible scenarios, in accordance with public health recommendations and federal and state government mandates and guidelines.

The RTCC has already begun its work, initiating subgroups comprised of faculty and staff members (a complete list may be found here), who will make recommendations and develop plans regarding:

Academic Affairs
Residential and Campus Life
Facilities (including campus access and housekeeping)
Business Offices

These recommendations will be made to the Institutional Committee, with the goal of ensuring the safety and security of our campus and our community this summer and in the fall. To inform these, we will be proceeding in compliance with all further recommendations and guidance from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as with adherence to all Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines.

Whatever the future holds, we look forward to continued success for Curry College. Thanks to our dedicated faculty and staff, and the willingness of our students to adapt admirably to a new and unfamiliar environment, which are testaments to the strength of our Curry community, our experience this spring has prepared us to navigate the challenges that lie ahead of us together. We will continue to improve, to evolve, and most importantly, to safeguard our community and our promise to deliver on a uniquely Curry educational experience.

As decisions are made, we will be communicating them to the entire Curry community, realizing that they will impact us all as we move forward.