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Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr.For a College to best prepare its students for successful lives, for citizenship and for their careers, its campus should be a microcosm of our society today and tomorrow.

A campus environment that is diverse in all its forms enriches our lives and provides students the broad range of experiences which are so necessary for deep personal and professional growth and development. Interacting daily with people whose backgrounds and beliefs may be different than our own benefits each and every one of us. Such interaction enhances who we are and what we have to offer to one another - inside and outside of the classroom, in the residence halls, across the campus, in our own local communities, and in the workplace. It leads to ethical decision making based in broad, multiple perspectives and prepares us for empathetic and engaged citizenship as members of an ever-evolving and global society.

Curry College's institutional legacy highlights a long standing tradition of understanding and respecting the uniqueness of each student. From our founding in 1879 by Anna Baright Curry and Samuel Silas Curry, to the establishment of the Program for Advancement of Learning in 1970, to current day, our College has embraced differences. Whether those differences be the individual interests and talents of each member of our community, their learning abilities and styles, their thoughts and beliefs, or their membership in a particular group or class of people, differences are recognized and valued as an essential part of the educational experience.

At Curry College, fostering a community that is diverse and inclusive is not only an imperative in our strategic plan ─ Vision in Action: A Focus on Student and Institutional Success ─ it is a reflection of a core value that we hold so dear. We are committed to welcoming, respecting and supporting diversity in all its forms.

Whether you are considering joining our community as a student or a member of our faculty or staff, or are already a part of the Curry College community, I encourage you to join me and my colleagues as we continue to cultivate a campus environment that includes and celebrates one another for our all that we are.


Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr.
President, Curry College