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The College will be requiring all students to adhere to a new Community Agreement, which includes behavioral expectations such as observing restrictions on social gatherings, wearing face coverings, maintaining social distancing, following Residential Life rules and policies, completing weekly testing, and self-monitoring and reporting on your health. For the safety of our entire community, it will be mandatory for all students living and learning on campus to adhere to the standards of the Agreement at all times. It is important that on an ongoing basis, our students understand that together, by always thinking of how their actions may impact their friends, fellow students, families, professors and staff members, we can all help to create and maintain a safe environment at Curry. Students have been asked to read and sign the Community Agreement by January 25.

We all agree to...

Wash Your Hands Sticker

Wash our hands often

Practice good hygiene and cleanliness habits such as: Washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds regularly, coughing into your elbow, doing laundry regularly, and turning away from others when sneezing.

Keep Your Distance Sticker

Avoid close contact

The CDC recommends that you limit close contact to other individuals. In the event that you cannot wear a face covering, you should maintain a 6-foot distance from others, in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Masks Required Sticker

Cover our mouths and noses

The CDC has advised that wearing a face covering can slow the spread of COVID-19.

Monitor Your Health Sticker

Monitor our health

Monitor and report any changes in your health on a daily basis and report any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Curry College community members are encouraged to report any incidents potentially related to COVID-19.