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Further information will be forthcoming regarding social distancing measures on Curry shuttles and other matters of concern to commuter students in the near future.


The College has made every effort to avoid scheduling complications for commuter students due to the hyflex model (an in-person class immediately followed by an online class, for example).

We also understand the need for space for students to study and complete online coursework on campus, outside of classrooms and residence halls, and collaboration with classmates is an important part of the academic experience at Curry. Dedicated and appropriately socially distanced spaces have been identified for students to do online coursework, study together and complete group assignments:

  • AAPC 116 (2 students)
  • AAPC 118 (5 students)
  • AAPC 120 (2 students)
  • Hafer 120 (5 students)
  • Hafer 214 (9 students)
  • Hafer 309 (13 students – available as of August 24)
  • Kennedy 125 (13 students)
  • LCOM S-205 (6 students)
  • LCOM S-001 Small Group Study (2 students)
  • LCOM S-002 Small Group Study (2 students)
  • LCOM S-006 Large Group Study (6 students)
  • LCOM S-112 Large Group Study (4 students)
  • Shelley Hoon Keith Quiet Study Lounge - Student Center (5 students)

Additional rooms will be identified as we complete social distancing measurements.


Parking permits ($125/yr) have been ordered and will be available on August 10. Although no cars will be ticketed during the first week of classes, we encourage you to request your parking permit as soon as they become available. Please keep in mind that your tuition bills must be settled in order to secure a parking pass. If you are planning to use public transportation to campus, we are looking at the hours of our T-Van shuttle that provides transportation from the Mattapan T-station to campus daily. A survey will be distributed next week for us to learn more about your plans so we can plan to best meet your needs.


In establishing a baseline for conducting surveillance testing in the Curry community, the College has used guidelines issued by the Massachusetts Higher Education Testing Group. The Testing Group is an initiative of the Massachusetts Higher Education Working Group, which was formed as part of Governor Baker’s Reopening Advisory Board Framework for Reopening Higher Education in Massachusetts.

The Testing Group guidance establishes a baseline for institutions to determine the level of risk for COVID-19 infection or transmission among campus student, faculty and staff populations. Using these guidelines, the College has determined that the individuals on campus at high risk for infection or transmission should be tested on a weekly basis. Individuals at the highest risk for infection or transmission are residential students and those that may have prolonged exposure to residential students. Please see the Report of the Massachusetts Higher Education Testing Group for more details.

All residential and commuter students have been onboard tested upon return to campus this Fall. The College also tested all faculty and staff (including resident vendors such as dining services, cleaning services and Bookstore services) as the semester commenced.

On a weekly basis throughout the Fall semester, the College is conducting surveillance testing in partnership with the Broad Institute’s Fall Testing Program. Please note that surveillance testing was more limited through September 18, and the College expanded the testing program as of September 21 to include ALL commuter students.

Tests are being conducted in the Miller Field House using the nasal swab process.

Importantly, the College’s daily health screen requirement further limits the presence on campus of individuals that may be symptomatic or may have been exposed to infected individuals.

Any community member who obtains a test from an external entity will have a responsibility to immediately report positive tests and negative test clearances to the College, both for tracking and reporting to the Board of Health.

  • Traditional undergraduate commuter students should contact Health Services at 617-333-2182 or;
  • CE-Grad students should confirm with their test provider that the test provider will contact their local Board of Health (who will contact Curry College);
  • ACCEL Nursing students should contact their clinical coordinator;
  • MSN students should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator.