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Curry College students hang out and laugh in the residence halls

We realize that families may have COVID-related questions regarding financial aid, tuition and room and board.

Financial Aid

Although we have made changes to the Spring 2021 academic calendar, any financial aid for which students are determined to be eligible will not be negatively impacted by, as this semester will still be comprised of the normal 15 weeks.

Tuition and Fees

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, our tuition rates will remain unchanged, for several reasons. We are committed to fulfilling our promise to our students and their families of a uniquely high-quality and uniquely Curry academic experience under any circumstances. Our faculty and staff will continue to devote their time, energy and resources to delivering excellence in the classroom and on campus in all capacities, and our students will continue to have access to all of the services, resources and support that are hallmarks of the Curry community experience. In addition, the costs to the College of providing these have increased, rather than diminished, due to COVID-19. We are investing in technology, campus safety, individual engagement tools, and other areas that we expect will significantly benefit students as they continue to live and learn at Curry this semester.

Similarly, the Comprehensive Fee at Curry allows the College to offer a variety of co-curricular, co-academic, and support services to traditional students to enhance their academic and student life experiences while enrolled at Curry. Although these experiences may be different this semester, the variety of experiences and support provided to our traditional students remains comparable to our prior offerings and so we will not be adjusting this fee.

In the event of a campus closure related to COVID, as in the Spring 2020 semester, the College will not be refunding tuition and fees, as we will continue to fulfill the promise of a high-quality Curry education under any circumstances (remote or on campus). As in spring 2020, prorated room and board adjustments would be made, based on the point in the semester.

Meal Plans

With regard to meal plan and board payments, we will be providing quality dining in the safest way possible, which may include a variety of options such as grab-and-go, take-out, and an increase of venue options throughout campus. Please note that meal plan options will be available at all dining facilities, with the exception of the Learning Commons Café/Starbucks (which will remain a retail venue). Although the dining experience will be different, we do not anticipate that it will be diminished; our food quality will remain as high as ever, and enhanced offerings for dining will include satellite dining options on the North and South sides of campus and Bite +, a new app that will allow students to order food from the Market Place.