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Curry College student wearing a #ColonelsLiveHere T-Shirt

Despite the challenges and with the utmost concern for safety, we are committed to providing for our students this Fall the opportunities for engagement and involvement, as well as the wholehearted support, which have always been hallmarks of the Curry experience.


We are encouraging all resident students to stay on campus as much as possible in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. As a community we are committed to making our campus as safe as possible, and it is essential that we all continue to be vigilant.

If students, faculty or staff must travel at any time during the semester, we ask that they stay within Massachusetts or the designated lower-risk states. Please remember that as of August 4, Rhode Island was removed from the lower-risk state list, and please monitor the list online, as it changes frequently, while our policies remain the same for states excluded from it.

Due to the current Massachusetts travel restrictions, we are discouraging students, faculty and staff from any travel outside of the designated lower-risk states. Individuals who travel outside of these states will be subject to state guidance, which requires that individuals traveling to Massachusetts complete the Massachusetts Travel Form and show proof of a negative FDA EUA-approved molecular (PCR) SARS-CoV2 test (not an antibody or antigen test) performed within 72 hours of arrival to campus (or to quarantine until a negative test is obtained).

Please note that:

  • Commuter and CE-Grad students, faculty or staff who live outside the lower-risk states (notably, in Rhode Island) are exceptions to this guidance for travel to their homes.
  • Study abroad programs for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 have been suspended until further notice.
  • Non-essential travel for business will not be supported by the College through December 31, 2020. The policy will be reviewed as we progress through the Fall with the hope that non-essential travel can resume in Spring 2021.

Finally, we ask that you continue to be attentive and follow our outlined safety recommendations, as well as remembering that students are required to adhere to the terms of the Curry Community Agreement both on and off campus. Specifically, please remember to wear your masks and follow safe social distancing, hygiene and sanitizing practices.

In order to support social distancing, the College has created a plan for a staggered move-in process beginning Monday, August 10. First-year students will move in August 10-13, followed by upper class students August 13-16. Reservation times will be assigned to each student in two hour blocks, with scheduled intervals afterwards for cleaning. Students may bring no more than two people to assist them, and all participants will need to complete the health screen. Students will also be tested for COVID-19 as part of the move-in process. The Office of Residence Life and Housing will be communicating further details (including roommate assignments and specific move-in dates and times) directly to students and families by August 5; please monitor your Curry email closely. *Note that payment of your Fall 2020 bill is required in order to receive your room assignment.

Given the Executive Order signed by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker on July 24, students arriving to campus who live outside of the designated lower-risk states are required to complete the Massachusetts Travel Form and show proof of a negative FDA EUA-approved molecular (PCR) SARS-CoV2 test (not an antibody or antigen test) performed within 72 hours of arrival to campus. *Please note that as of August 4, Rhode Island was removed from the lower-risk state list and students coming from RI are required to adhere to this protocol. Please monitor the list online, as it changes frequently, while our policies remain the same for states excluded from it.

  • If students from outside of the lower-risk states ARE able to provide the required proof of a negative SARS-CoV2 PCR test upon arrival to campus, they will be allowed to move into their residence hall and do not need to be quarantined.

  • If students from outside the lower-risk states are NOT able to provide the required proof of a negative SARS-CoV2 PCR test upon arrival to campus, they will be required to quarantine until they get the results of their on-campus SARS-CoV2 PCR test, which could be 24-72 hours. Once their on-campus test is negative, students may cease to quarantine.

Students from these states will be invited to arrive at Curry on August 10. *Please note that all residential and commuter students (regardless of where they are from) will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival as part of the move-in process.

Parents and Guardians from outside of the lower-risk states who plan on spending the night in Massachusetts are also required to complete the Travel Form and provide proof of a negative SARS-CoV2 PCR test performed within 72 hours of arrival to campus. If they are not spending the night and only plan to drop off their student and return home the same day, they are exempt from the travel requirement. *Curry College will continue to follow best scientific practices and state orders as they evolve in this and other matters pertaining to preventing potential virus spread, and will keep students and families informed should these requirements change.

We understand that the abbreviated timeline leading to the start of the semester may present challenges for students and families, including the completion of health forms and other documentation to prepare for the start of the semester. Please be assured that we will be flexible and work with individuals to accommodate these needs, and do contact the administrative office specific to the forms of concern for further information.

We are encouraging all students to bring an overnight bag prepared with all personal items you will need in case of relocation to be used as a “COVID bag.” If you test positive and need to be relocated, this bag may be picked up by someone else and brought to you. You will also be responsible for taking your temperature daily for self-monitoring, so please bring a thermometer (they will not be provided).

We also encourage students to bring fans to keep cool in the residence halls. Due to the extreme heat, for students who bring them to campus, Buildings and Grounds will install window air conditioner units in non-air-conditioned buildings as time permits during the move-in process. Please note that units must be 5,000 BTUs or less, with one 10V plug.

In keeping with our Welcome Week tradition, special events and programming was held during the week of August 10, culminating in a virtual Academic Convocation on August 17, the first day of classes. The College presented both in-person and virtual special events for student groups, as well as programming for all students on a variety of topics and areas including (but not restricted to):

  • Civic Engagement
  • Wellness
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Career Development
  • Campus Health and Safety
  • Academic Success
  • Spiritual Life

Read more about the successful start of the Fall semester.

In addition to aggressive cleaning and sanitization protocols which will be enacted in all common spaces including bathrooms (see Health and Safety for details), the College made the decision to only offer double and single occupancy bedrooms for the Fall semester. Additionally, we have increased the number of single rooms available on campus, and rooms that previously accommodated three or four residents will be occupied as doubles for the coming year. If you have questions, concerns or individual housing needs, please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing at 617-333-2252 or

There will also be other restrictions and protocols in residence halls to ensure health and safety, including (but not restricted to):

  • A staggered move-in plan for August (see details above).
  • All resident students are required to have a Personal Departure Plan; details will be forthcoming from Residence Life & Housing. Students who live less than 200 miles away from Curry College should plan to self-isolate and quarantine at their homes in this case. *Please note that with regard to departure plans as always, we will work with each individual student to meet the specific needs of your situation.
  • Kitchen spaces will be locked, with exceptions for specific individual dietary needs.

While we do not prohibit students from leaving once they are moved in, we do encourage them to stay on campus, as it is safest for them and for our community. Should students need to leave, we ask that they continue to be conscious of best practices for health and safety and to uphold the guidelines for campus while off-campus.

At the beginning of the Fall semester, a “no-visitor” policy will be in place on campus. This policy will be reviewed frequently and restrictions may be eased or revised as the semester progresses. *Note that students will be allowed two people to assist in move-in to residence halls in August, and that this policy excludes accommodations for personal care attendants or disability needs as well as registered Admissions Tours.

Students may register family member(s) to visit campus on weekends. Upon submitting the registration form on the myCurry portal, you will receive an automated email confirming receipt of your request. Within 48 hours, you will receive a confirmation email from Public Safety which you will need to share with you family member(s) for them to show the front gate attendant when they arrive on campus.

Remember to adhere to the following visitor requirements:

  • Visits must be for 2 hours or less
  • Visitors must remain outside the residence halls.
  • Visitors are allowed to use the tents set up for outdoor classrooms.
  • Visits may take place at the Student Center while maintaining social distancing from non-family members.

American College Health Association (ACHA) guidelines have informed our decision not to allow visitors in residence halls this fall. This includes fellow students and other members of the Curry community not housed in the residence hall, as well as external visitors who are not members of the campus community. Students may meet in public spaces on campus, including the Student Center and the Learning Commons.

Students will be able to complete work study and other employment on campus this Fall. The College has equipped open office spaces with plexiglass, signage for social distancing and hand-washing, and receptacles on each floor contain hand sanitizer, disinfectant solution, masks and gloves. The College will also provide students with masks. Student employees will be expected to wear masks when they are in areas working with others, when they are traveling to and from a private, enclosed office, when they are moving around in common areas, in bathrooms, or otherwise away from their work space.

In order to ensure social distancing in the Student Center, we will be reducing the seating capacity and providing wayfinding signage to direct the flow of traffic in this high-use building, as well as extending the building’s open hours.

The Curry College Dining Team has been hard at work over the past months adapting dining procedures and locations to ensure your health and safety when you return to campus.

Life at Curry, and everywhere, will be different this fall; but we are committed to ensuring that your experience on campus will be both safe and enjoyable, as you reconnect with classmates, faculty members, mentors, and friends. Throughout the semester, we will be offering both virtual and small, appropriately socially-distanced, in-person events and happenings, including:

  • Extended hours in the Fitness Center and Student Center
  • Enhanced outdoor offerings, including movies, wellness events and hiking trips
  • Intramural activities like hacky sack tournaments
  • Virtual and in-person Paint Nights

Further information about events, as well as other campus involvement and engagement initiatives (virtual and face to face) will be forthcoming. Please visit the Events section for more information about annual campus events including Convocation and Welcome Week.