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As you arrive on campus for your first class this fall, we wanted to let you know that you will be checked-in by our staff in the Front Parking Lot just beyond our front gate before being allowed to continue onto campus. The information below details the process and information you need to know ahead of time. 

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Here is what you should have already completed before arriving on campus:

  • Beginning Thursday, August 26, please confirm that you will be attending Curry this fall by Checking-In with the College online.
  • You've uploaded your negative COVID19 PCR Test (that you took 72 hours prior to arriving on campus) to the CoVerified App (We are asking students to visit their local CVS or Walgreens where these tests are currently being offered for free. You will need to schedule an appointment, so please do so as soon as possible!)
  • You've uploaded your COVID19 Vaccine record to the CoVerified App
  • You have registered for a full schedule of classes
  • You have settled your bill in full or have established a payment plan​

Main Checkpoint: Front Parking Lot 

Please enter the College from the main entrance at 1071 Blue Hill Avenue.  

Once you get past the front gate, you will be asked to turn into the Front Parking Lot entrance where our staff will meet with you to check you in. 

Please be prepared to open your CoVerified App and show your status (GREEN or RED):

  • If your status is GREEN, you will be asked to stay in your car and proceed to the next designated staff member who will verify any financial or class schedule hold you might have and how to clear them.
  • If your status is RED, you will be asked to park in a designated area and get out of your car to meet with staff at Tent Area #1 to identify why your status is RED and how we can get it to GREEN as soon as possible. Curry College community members must reflect GREEN on their CoVerified App to access our Plymouth or Milton Campuses.

Tent Area #1: Staff from Enrollment Management / Information Technology:

  • If you are having a technical issue with your CoVerified App, staff from IT will be able to assist you at this tent.
  • If you did not take a COVID19 test or upload your negative COVID19 test result, we can help you upload it at this tent. If you did not yet take your COVID19 test yet, you would need to do so and reflect a negative result before being allowed onto campus.
  • If you have not yet taken or uploaded your COVID19 Vaccine card, we can help you upload it or you can get a COVID19 vaccine at Tent Area #2.
  • If you are already partially vaccinated (have received 1 of 2 of the Pfizer or Moderna shots), we would send you to Tent #3 and connect with Health Services.
    • If you are not at least partially vaccinated and have a negative COVID19 test, we cannot allow you on campus.

Tent Area #2: Staff from Fallon Ambulance Services:

  • At this tent, you would be able to receive a COVID19 Vaccine. There would be some paperwork here to fill out and the vaccination process could take up to 30 minutes, so please plan accordingly.
  • Once the COVID vaccine is complete, you would then proceed to Tent Area #3.

Tent Area #3: Staff from Health Services:

  • At this tent, you would confirm with Health Services that you have completed the COVID19 test and Vaccination process and would work with the staff to upload and confirm your records in CoVerified. This process could take an additional 15 to 30 minutes, so please plan accordingly.
  • If you are partially vaccinated (meaning you have only received 1 of 2 of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines), you will also need to fill out Temporary Waiver paperwork by visiting the MyCurry Portal, and click on 'Student Life', then 'Health Services', and fill in the Web Form in the Yellow Box AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  You would remain on temporary waiver until two weeks after your second vaccine shot. 
  • Once this process is complete, and your CoVerified App is now reflecting GREEN, you may return to your car and proceed towards the exit to the Front Parking Lot where we will check if you have any financial or class schedule holds. If you have a hold, you would need to take care of those before heading to your classes.  If you do not have any holds, you are free to head directly to class.

If you are not cleared by Health Services at this Checkpoint, you will be asked to leave campus. 

Our advice to you would be make sure you get your COVID19 vaccine and to schedule your COVID19 test with CVS or Walgreens 72 hours prior to arriving as soon as possible to help expedite this process. 

If you have any other specific questions regarding this process, please reach out to Enrollment Management at 617-333-2125 or via email ( We look forward to seeing you on campus very soon!