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This event occurred in the past. Information and links provided here are for historical reference and may no longer be valid.

Date & Time
Monday August 26, 2019
9:30 a.m.

Academic Affairs

Contact / Register
Arlene Kiyabu

Student Center

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Latin convocationem, from convocare, “to call together”; from com-, “together” + vocare, “to call”; from vox “voice”.  A group of people formally assembled for a special purpose.  A ceremonial assembly at a college or university.

The annual Curry College New Student Convocation will take place on Monday, August 26 at 9:30 a.m in the Student Center. A reception will be held in Westhaver Park immediately following the ceremony.

Convocation Schedule

Kenneth K. Quigley, Jr., President

National Anthem
Performed by Yamilhee Saint-Val, Class of 2021
Business Management

Student Speaker
Connor Clougherty, Class of 2020

Faculty Speaker
Dr. Joanne Seltzer
Professor, Education

Keynote Speaker
Alicia Viscomi Williams ’09
Founder & CEO, Aliste Marketing

Matriculation of the Entering Class
Dr. David Szczerbacki, Provost

Class Oath
Jillian Recko, Class of 2020
Representative, Alexander Graham Bell Honor Society

Recessional will lead to a reception immediately following the ceremony in front of the Student Center.

Class Flag Bearer
Devon Richards, Class of 2023

Questions about Convocation? Please contact Arlene Kiyabu at