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This event occurred in the past. Information and links provided here are for historical reference and may no longer be valid.

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Thursday April 04, 2019
6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Alumni and Parent Relations

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Student Center, President's Dining Room

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Interested Curry College Alumni of the past decade are invited to join us for the Spring 2019 meeting of the Young Alumni Council. Graduates of the past decade represent more than one-third of the overall alumni population at Curry College. With strong ties to the College, each other, and society, it seemed essential to gather motivated young alumni to help us reach and engage this growing number of grads.

In 2014, the College created the Young Alumni Council, composed of dedicated alumni from the previous decade who demonstrated interest in being involved, willingness to give back, and determination to propel alumni programming in the direction desired by the greater alumni population. After identifying a core group of members, the Council quickly got to work brainstorming ideas for events, campaigns, student-alumni programming, and more.

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