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A Curry College Center for Career Development staff member gives students an experiential education lesson

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The Center for Career Development offers a robust Experiential Education curriculum based on the foundation of our four-year career development model. The purpose of Experiential Education is to guide students in the career development process and to equip them with the necessary skills to be successful in an internship or a future job.

The following courses are part of the Experiential Education curriculum. Courses are offered in traditional, hybrid and online formats as specified.


EXP 1001 Career & Major Exploration
Fall and Spring Semesters, 1 Credit
Career and Major Exploration is a course for First-Year students who are undecided about a major course of study and/or career path. Students are guided in exploration of academic and career interests and learn to match their personal interests and aspirations to satisfying career options. Through guest speakers, students can learn career research skills, are exposed to majors, minors, and other academic resources, and are taught the tools to make informed decisions based upon these resources.

EXP 2340 Introduction to Experiential Learning
Fall and Spring Semesters, 3 Credits
Introduction to Experiential Learning continues to be a prerequisite course for students interested in pursuing an internship. Students who are interested in participating in an internship in the near future should enroll in this course. Topics include goal-setting, internship requirements, and professionalism.

EXP 2800 Career Development
Fall and Spring Semesters, 3 Credits
Career Development is a course designed for juniors and seniors to help them prepare for the transition from student to professional. Topics include advanced resume writing, job search strategy, workplace issues, and interviewing. This course is best suited for graduating seniors. 

Levels of Internships

(Brief descriptive title)
Observational (I)
1-4 credits
May be repeated

(Brief descriptive title)
Participant/Observation (II)
1-9 credits
May be repeated

(Brief descriptive title)
Independent Practicum/Advanced Internship (III)
3-12 credits
May be repeated

In general, 3 credits of internship may count toward the major.

Curry College student at his internship at the TD Garden for the Boston Celtics

Internships at Boston's Top Spots

Barak Swarttz's experience as a Strategic Marketing Intern with the Boston Celtics - including developing marketing and social media campaigns - helped prepare him for a job in business immediately after graduating from Curry College.

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