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A Curry College MBA Degree student smiles and stands with her cohort after completing the Master's program

Real World Consulting

The Curry College MBA coursework culminates in a Capstone project where the entire MBA cohort works as a team of consultants to an area organization on an applied research project. Under the guidance of the faculty mentors and the business consultancy partner, the cohort defines, analyzes, and develops innovative, data-driven solutions to address major business issues confronting the organization. This complex, multilayered Capstone project provides the MBA students an invaluable opportunity to integrate their newly acquired knowledge, skills, and competencies across diverse business functions and apply their acquired analytical skills to a real life business issue. The Capstone project ends with the entire cohort providing a compelling business presentation to the sponsoring organization, faculty, family, and friends at the program celebration event.

Team. Work.

The Capstone Course is where you and your cohort team collaborate with a faculty mentor and serve as consultants on an actual multi-layered project for an area business.

MBA Capstone Project Business Partners:

Hasbro Gaming logo

Hasbro Gaming

Project Objective: To help drive an increase in sales of Hasbro Gaming's popular Scrabble.  The MBA cohort focused on developing a marketing plan that would create excitement and anticipation leading up to Scrabble's 70-year anniversary in 2018, and beyond; Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort provided a presentation and manuscript that included an industry analysis, review of best practices of competition, and an assessment of Scrabble's competitiveness. The team also formulated recommendations in the form of a marketing implementation plan, complete with key performance indicators for future assessment.

Brockton Rox logo

Ent. Mgmt. Complex

Project Objective: To make a significant impact to the future of Entertainment Management Complex, the operators of Campanelli Stadium, home of the Brockton Rox, and The Shaw's Center, a 15,000-square-foot function facility adjacent to the stadium. The MBA cohort set out to identify areas of growth outside of the baseball season; Deliverables: MBA students provided a comprehensive review of the industry environment which included an analysis of competition, a strategic marketing plan, a sustainable budget, and an assessment of suggested operational processes with a focus on cost control and financial reporting - a 300-page manuscript with in-depth recommendations for consideration.

Cisco Brewers logo

Cisco Brewers

Project Objective: To gain awareness for the Cisco brands outside of Nantucket and the New England area, and to research new locations for expansion; Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort highlighted their recommendations from their 300-page manuscript. The cohort reviewed best practices in the craft brewery industry regarding operations, marketing, human resources and finance.  The Cohort then considered new and innovative marketing ideas to help strengthen Cisco's brand awareness. Importantly, the team conducted research for expansion, exploring possible locations that would accommodate and capture the Cisco "vibe".

Reebok Logo


Project Objective: To build a framework for a three-year business development plan and strategy, including an architecture of tactics to drive sales and increase market share; Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort provided a presentation and manuscript detailing recommendations for inspiring and influencing Reebok's key consumer groups.   With a focus on relaunching the company's redesigned delta logo, the team identified the largest opportunities that will have the highest return on investment.

Polartec logo

Polartec, LLC

Project Objective: How can Polartec respond to increased demand for new marketing opportunities and improve on internal structures? To remain competitive and continue to be a favored textile producer, they must have a greater understanding of the competition and evaluate its position in the industry; Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort offered recommendations for opportunities and implementation strategies on topics including global supply chain and material sourcing, customer analysis, and competitor analysis. The cohort team referenced best practices to conceptualize a competitive intelligence directory and library.

South Shore Chamber of Commerce logo

South Shore Chamber

Project Objective: With an emphasis on economic assessment, how can the South Shore Chamber of Commerce create and maintain economic growth?; Client Deliverables: The Curry cohort presented a situational analysis of South Shore communities to determine strategic options in developing and maintaining economic growth. Specific analysis focused on attraction and retention of knowledgeable young workers in specific regions of the South Shore. The team recommended concentrating on key research areas such as partnerships, education, workforce development, and downtown development.

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