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A student on her laptop represents the Curry College Summer PAL Hybrid program

August 1 - 21, 2019

Take the Summer PAL course online as a "bridge" to your college experiences, so you can learn more about college-level work and resources. You can then bring your new learning strategies, self-awareness, study skills, and confidence as a well-prepared college student to the start of the semester!

1. Do you have a job or other personal commitments that require you to be working or traveling, so taking an on-campus course might not be a viable option for you?

2. Do you feel comfortable using a computer, or mobile device, to write, read, and communicate?

If you answer "yes" to either of these two questions, then the Summer PAL course online may be an excellent option for you to jump-start your college experiences!


  • Develop an individual learning profile
  • Set goals for the upcoming semester, and beyond
  • Explore major and career possibilities 
  • Experiment with assistive technologies
  • Experience the rich learning resources of the Curry College community
  • Collaborate with other new PAL students in small groups
  • Share your summer experiences through chats and videos
  • Map your eating and sleeping habits

Make videos, share photos, visit our live Collaboration Room where we can see and talk to classmates, use social media with classmates, and complete assignments on your own schedule when you have time. Your class instructor will monitor all assignments, and will also be available by phone, email, and texts to answer questions. There will be personalized contact and oversight between each student and the instructor on a daily basis during August to provide personalized feedback on academic work, to guide time management, and to maintain support for students as they complete each step of their designated goals. Your faculty professor will also assist with advising, planning, and selecting courses for the fall semester.

Academic Experiences

  • Participate in individualized approaches to learning - expect daily contact with your professor and daily feedback on your progress
  • Earn three college credits to start your college experience
  • Learn and think about learning in new ways with "metacognition" at the core
  • Explore major and career possibilities, and learn about employment opportunities on campus
  • Complete a learning portfolio that will showcase your accomplishments
  • Understand your strengths and ways to use them most effectively
  • Experiment with assistive technologies - text/speech and speech/text software, and recorded texts
  • Participate in daily, online interactions with other students and your PAL professor (approximate 7 to 1 ratio of students to professor)
  • Explore ways to improve time management, organization, and executive functions
  • Learn the  "ins and outs" of campus resources
  • Discover strategies for better reading, writing, speaking, and note-taking that work for you
  • Complete college-level reading and writing assignments
  • Use YouTube, Blackboard, and social media to connect and share experiences

PAL 1180H - Summer PAL Online  (3 credits)

PAL 1180H is the online version of PAL 1180 - Summer PAL and is an intensive learning experience for entering first year students or transfer students who have been accepted into the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL). Through this immersion style course, students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of themselves as learners within the context of higher education. This understanding is based on PAL's core learning outcomes: metacognition, self-regulation, active and engaged learning, critical thinking and reasoning skills, and expressive and receptive language skills.

Working with a PAL faculty mentor and a small group of peers, students will construct strength based strategies for written communication, reading, listening, note-taking, critical thinking, problem-solving, personal goal setting, organization and team-work. Activities include: developing an individual learning profile, experimenting with assistive technologies, and experiencing the rich learning resources of the Curry College community. Student learning culminates with a learning portfolio. Student learning occurs through web-based platforms, including daily collaboration with faculty and students.

Some preliminary assessment tasks, requiring about 2- 3 hours to complete, will take place online during June or July. Students will need to set aside time each day to complete online assignments. This is an excellent opportunity to earn 3 college credits with the possibility of taking a lighter course load in the fall, as a way to gradually enter into the overall academic and social college experience.

2019 Summer PAL Online Session Dates:

  • August 1 - 21, 2019

Summer 2019 Tuition:

  • $1,326  (includes all fees for this 3-credit course) 

Summer PAL Scholarship:

Some limited scholarships are available for students who have deposited to the College and registered for Summer PAL. Summer PAL scholarship applications must be received by May 15.

Apply for the Summer PAL scholarship
(Curry/PAL Accepted Students Only)


We encourage you to apply early for Summer PAL since seats fills up quickly.

To register for the Summer PAL Online program, please follow the instructions below. Once you have submitted the online registration, an option to pay by credit card, and other options, will appear. There is NO deposit required for this course. Contact Student Financial Services ( with payment questions. The preferred registration deadline in June 1.

-"This online class was such a wonderful experience I am very grateful I had the opportunity to take this course!"

-"I have learned a lot about myself and have met some people through the class who are similar to me!"

-"Great class. I loved the different study strategies I learned and learning about myself. It really helped me stay focused throughout the summer and made my brain work. I know have a better understanding on how to take notes."

-"I really liked the way things were set up and how flexible the teacher was and that I was able to relate to what we were learning.

-"I think it helped me not only become more aware of what kind of learner I am but also helped me start college with a head start. The Summer PAL class was very helpful for me to help with transitioning from High School to College."

-"I am so glad I took this class. I know really feel prepared for the fall. I learned more about myself. I liked that the class helped with different aspects that are all apart of college life."

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We're excited you're considering our internationally recognized Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) and look forward to helping you reach your career goals.