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Self-Pacing Benefits: Remote learning offers flexibility of when to get your work done. Some classes may meet early, but when they meet asynchronously (everyone does the work at their own pace) students can work around sleep preferences.

Not Likely to be Overextended: With no athletics and clubs, while disappointing, this can make for a distraction-free start to a college career for students with learning challenges.

Starting Small: Most of us want the full college experience and the sooner that better. Yet, some students may do better not starting everything all at once.

Reducing the Social Scene Can Reduce Anxiety: Social interactions can be a distraction for some students. Starting slowly with these interactions may be better for some students. It can be a lot to take in all at once.

Recorded Lectures: In a remote learning environment, not everything is recorded, but much is. This means that a student can fast forward, rewind, and listen a second time or at the best time for him or her.

Delayed Start Means Delayed Graduation Which Means Delaying the Start of Your Earning Power: One potential cost to not starting college “on-time” is called an opportunity cost. Starting a semester or a year late will delay graduation and therefore delay the earning power of the graduate by a semester or a full year. While we are quarantined, doing college remotely can be a good choice and keep you on target to start your career as much as a year ahead of when you would if you wait for the pandemic to end!