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Curry College Study Abroad student group poses in fron of a castle in France

Study through the St. Francis University/Curry College Partnership in Ambialet, France

Spend a semester in France on the Ambialet campus of St. Francis University!  Located in the mountains of picturesque Southwestern France, St. Francis offers the following set of courses and students may take up to 5 courses, earning up to 15 credits toward their bachelor’s degree.

  • Beginning and intermediate French
  • French Culture and Values
  • Early and Medieval Church History and Architecture
  • Comparative Health Systems
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Additional courses are frequently offered by visiting faculty (in the past, Curry faculty have been visiting professors)

How do I apply?

Study abroad opportunities for St. Francis are best suited to sophomores and juniors.

Apply Today!

Spaces are limited and applications will be processed as they are received.