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Various religious symbols represent the Religious Studies Minor at Curry CollegeDo you want to gain a better understanding of yourself?  Interact with people from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds?  Interested in a career involving public service? Then you should consider the Religious Studies minor at Curry College.

Course Requirements and Information

Select 12 credits from the following list, excluding any courses taken to fulfill the General Education requirements:

PRS 2150 Eastern Religion and Philosophy
PRS 2160 Introduction to Buddhism
PRS 2310 The Spiritual Journey
PRS 2330 The Myth of the Hero
PRS 2400 The Ethics of War and Peace
PRS 2430 Religion and Science
PRS 2440 Religion and Ecology
PRS 2450 Religion and Politics
PRS 2500 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
PRS 2510 New Testament
PRS 2520 Western Religions
PRS 2530 Faith and Fanaticism
PRS 2540 Religion in America
PRS 2541 Race and Religion in America
PRS 2550 Seeing is Believing:
Film and Religious Experience

The Curry philosophy and religion programs have much in common. It is possible for a student to combine them, either in an individually initiated major or in a philosophy major that includes a significant number of religion courses in the related areas as part of the major.

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