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    Years (and counting) of Educating Nurses

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    Year that Curry's Plymouth Campus was established

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    # of Majors offered to Continuing Education students

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    # of CE class meetings per week - Evenings and Saturdays

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    transfer credits which can be applied toward a bachelor's degree

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    average age of the Curry Continuing Education student

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    Average # of students in a Continuing Education class


From my very first meeting at Curry, I felt welcomed. My advisor offers great suggestions and support for everything. Everyone at Curry is so encouraging about what you can do that I've been even more excited to complete my degree.

Shannon Boggs '11
Major: Management


Sydney Lowe CE '98 - Communication


Sydney Lowe '98 may not have taken the most traditional path in securing a bachelor's degree from Curry College.  But after locking up a spot as the Manager of Broadcasting Operations for Major League Baseball Network, she doesn't have any regrets.

The 32-year-old, self proclaimed 'World's Biggest Red Sox Fan' and native of nearby Norwood, Massachusetts is keeping herself busy during the baseball season by helping oversee the on-air feeds for every single Major League game on the schedule.  That often means overseeing the delivery of 15 games a day to viewers.

She also supervises the production staffs for network staples:  "MLB Tonight," "Quick Pitch," "Thursday Night Baseball," and "Saturday Night Baseball."

The cable network made its debut on New Year's Day 2009 and according to their website is now delivered to over 50 million homes and is expected to expand its reach using the power of the Internet.

"The job consists of constant communication, including email and constant follow-up calls with networks around the country.  But the beauty of it is that I get to watch baseball all day long," she explained.

Lowe started on her career path back in 1996 by first obtaining an associates' degree.  But she immediately felt she wanted more for herself and decided to continue her studies and pursue a bachelor's degree in Communication at Curry.  The two extra years may have proven to be one of the best moves she'd ever make.

Sydney chose Curry for two reasons, the communication program and her proximity to the school.  Since she was working in radio at the time in nearby Brockton, the campus was in a perfectly centralized location for her.

While at Curry, Lowe studied Theatre and was heavily involved with the radio station, WMLN.  She worked as the music coordinator as well as the heavy metal music director.  But it was the lessons she learned working with people that have stayed with her after Curry.

"Not only did I learn the technical aspects of working in media like setting up interviews and editing and making pieces air-ready, but I learned other skills too," Lowe says.  "I learned things like how to manage employees, how to deal with radio and music personalities, and how to be professional in the face of those challenges.

"The professors at Curry were amazing," Lowe recalls.  "Anything I needed, any questions I had, they were always available.  D-L Garren and Dorria DiManno  were my biggest mentors.  They were always there to tell me to 'Go for it'.  They are the reason I stayed at Curry and never even considered other areas schools with well-known Communication programs.

Lowe also credits her professional success to the internships she completed while studying at Curry.  She took an internship for credit in nearby Fall River for radio station WSAR.  There she booked guests for some of the talk shows and even got a chance to do voice-overs for commercials.  It's also where she learned a major life lesson.

"Networking, networking is essential.  It's a small world and you never know when you are going to be working with someone down the line.  And who knows if someone below you in rank could someday be your boss?"

Lowe recalled one specific instance, "I met an ad salesperson while interning at WSAR, and wouldn't you know it, a year later we were working at the same station in Bridgewater.  If I had burned a bridge, who knows what the situation would have been at the new station?"

Lowe went on to work for the Arts and Entertainment Network (A&E) in Stamford, Connecticut.  The cable station is also responsible for The History Channel and Biography Networks.  And that is also where Lowe met her future husband, Jim Broder, who is now the Master Control Operator at MLB Network.

"It's a funny story.  Jim actually interviewed for the position I'm now in at MLB Network.  He wasn't sure if it was the right job for him so he recommended who else, his wife.  I ended up getting the Broadcasting Ops position, and he later was hired as the Master Control Op," Lowe recalls.

She now calls East Rutherford, New Jersey home, and says she couldn't be happier with her life.  As for advice she would give to Curry students coming up in the world?

"Keep a copy of everything you do at Curry.  Whether it's a thesis or a radio show or even a perceived meaningless paper, record and file EVERYTHING, because you never know who you may impress with that work down the road."

The biggest lesson Lowe has learned is patience.

"You have to set goals and keep trying to reach them no matter what the set back.  Don't compare yourself to your peers because everyone moves at their own pace.  If you work hard and keep your options open, you will eventually get to where you want to be."


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