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MBA Capstone Course

The Curry College MBA coursework culminates in a Capstone project where the entire MBA cohort works as a team of consultants to an area organization on an applied research project. Under the guidance of the faculty mentors and the business consultancy partner, the cohort defines, analyzes, and develops innovative, data-driven solutions to address major business issues confronting the organization. This complex, multilayered Capstone project provides the MBA students an invaluable opportunity to integrate their newly acquired knowledge, skills, and competencies across diverse business functions and apply their acquired analytical skills to a real life business issue. The Capstone project ends with the entire cohort providing a compelling business presentation to the sponsoring organization, faculty, family, and friends at the program celebration event.

Video: The Curry College MBA Capstone

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Capstone Projects / Business Partners

Hasbro Gaming logo

Hasbro Gaming, December 2015

Project Objective: To help drive an increase in sales of Scrabble, the popular board game from Hasbro Gaming.  The MBA cohort focused on developing a marketing plan that would create excitement and anticipation leading up to Scrabble's 70-year anniversary in 2018, and beyond.

Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort provided a presentation and corresponding manuscript that included an industry analysis, review of best practices of direct and indirect competition, and an assessment of Scrabble's competitiveness. The team also formulated recommendations in the form of a marketing implementation plan, complete with key performance indicators for future assessment.

Recap: Hasbro Chooses Curry MBA Students to Play on Their Team

Photo Gallery: MBA Capstone Presentation, December 2015

Brockton Rox Logo

Entertainment Management Complex, August 2015

Project Objective: To make a significant impact to the future of Entertainment Management Complex - operators of Campanelli Stadium, home of the Brockton Rox baseball team, and The Shaw's Center, a 15,000-square-foot function facility adjacent to the stadium.  The MBA cohort set out to identify areas of growth outside of the summer baseball season.

Client Deliverables: MBA students provided a comprehensive review of the industry environment which included an analysis of direct and indirect competition, a strategic marketing plan, a sustainable budget, and an assessment of suggested operational processes with a focus on cost control and financial reporting. Entertainment Management Complex received a nearly 300-page manuscript with in-depth recommendations for consideration.

Recap: MBA Students Provide Consulting Services to Brockton Rox Stadium Operators

Photo Gallery: MBA Capstone Presentation, August 2015

Cisco Brewers Logo

Cisco Brewers, December 2014

Project Objective: To gain awareness for the Cisco brands outside of Nantucket and the New England area, and to research new locations for expansion.

Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort highlighted their recommendations from their 300-page manuscript in a presentation held in December 2014. The cohort reviewed best practices in the craft brewery industry regarding operations, marketing, human resources and finance.  The Cohort then considered new and innovative marketing ideas to help strengthen Cisco's brand awareness. Importantly, the team conducted research for expansion, exploring possible locations that would accomodate and capture the Cisco "vibe".

Video: The Curry College MBA Capstone featuring the Cisco Brewers Cohort


Reebok, August 2014

Project Objective: To build a framework for a three-year business development plan and strategy, including an architecture of tactics to drive sales and increase market share.

Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort provided a presentation and manuscript detailing recommendations for inspiring and influencing Reebok's key consumer groups.   With a focus on relaunching the company's redesigned delta logo, the team identified the largest opportunities that will have the highest return on investment.

Recap: MBA Students Team Up for Reebok Business Consulting


Simpson Spring

Simpson Spring, December 2013

Project Objective: To evaluate the four selected areas: finance, operations/distribution, business development/sales, and marketing in order to provide recommendations intended to improve the respective activities of the organization, leading to longevity efficiency and profitability

Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort provided a presentation and manuscript detailing recommendations for industry best practices, procedural operational efficiency, brand recognition, alternative revenue sources, and a financial analysis.



Olive oil

Olive Oil, August 2013

Project Objective: How can the U.S. olive oil industry overcome the lack of quality regulations and expand?

Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort provided a manuscript and presentation with an overview of the U.S. olive oil industry, highlighting the importance of lab testing and quality certification. The team provided an assessment of threats and future opportunities, recommendations and best practices for educating consumers, and marketing strategies to increase domestic olive oil sales.



Green Pages

GreenPages, December 2012

Project Objective: How can GreenPages  scale its organization, manage its wealth of talent, and achieve financial objectives while maximizing operational efficiencies?

Using the slogan "People, Passion, and Practice," GreenPages Technology Solutions is a national leader and innovator in Virtualization and Cloud Computing solutions.

Client Deliverables: The Curry College MBA cohort provided recommendations including a framework and organizational model for scaling the business and achieving strategic and financial objectives.  To support strategic initiatives the MBA capstone group recommended maximizing profitability with focus on organizational structure and culture.  To improve operational efficiencies, the Capstone Group concentrated on profitability, costs of departments, and metrics to support changes in industry trends and internal business.  Using Wasmer metrics, a review of cost analysis would help GreenPages determine which departments are underperforming.



J P Fuji Group

J|P Fuji Group, August 2012

Project Objective: As J|P Fuji Group grows, how can managers achieve the desired level of service at all six restaurants while trying to sustain development for new concepts, locations, and a franchise program?

In 1988 J|P Fuji Group started their first Japanese restaurant in Quincy, Massachusetts and now manages five concepts and six restaurants in Quincy and Cambridge. 

Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort provided recommendations through a comprehensive strategic plan; financial analysis and comparative industry benchmarking; implementation of best practices for training including manuals and procedures; a franchising analysis; and a marketing plan to include website design and social media implementation.

Curry College partners with Trio Wine Company

Trio Wine Company, December 2011

Project Objective: Trio Wine Company engaged the Curry College MBA capstone group to offer recommendations for website enhancements, social media exposure, online payment systems, and warehouse integration.

Founded by three individuals with intimate knowledge of the wine business, Trio Wine Company is a small up-and-coming liquor distributor located in southeastern Massachusetts. The company's main goal is to be known for their exemplary customer satisfaction.

Client Deliverables: The MBA Capstone Group offered recommendations regarding inventory management best practices, data backup, and disaster recovery.  Other recommendations included marketing and technology integration, and a budget analysis to determine if Trio Wine Company should buy or rent a warehouse facility.

Curry College partners with Polartec

Polartec, LLC, August 2011

Project Objective: How can Polartec, LLC respond to increased demand for new marketing opportunities and improve on internal structures?

To remain competitive and continue to be a favored textile producer, Polartec, LLC must have a greater understanding of the competition and evaluate its position in the industry.

Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort offered recommendations for opportunities and implementation strategies on topics including global supply chain and material sourcing, customer analysis, and competitor analysis. The cohort team referenced best practices to conceptualize a competitive intelligence directory and library.

Curry College partners with Climate Counts

Climate Counts, December 2010

Project Objective: What marketing techniques would propel Climate Counts' message to the masses?

Climate Counts works to broaden public awareness of global warming and bring consumers and companies together in the fight against global climate change by scoring the world's largest companies on levels of climate action. The score card system enables consumers to make educated commerce choices based on corporations' green and sustainability efforts. The company engaged the MBA capstone group to help address changing behavior of individuals who do not support green and sustainability initiatives and to determine how to encourage those who do support these initiatives to become activists in the fight against global warming.

Client Deliverables:The Curry College MBA capstone group provided research and analysis on consumer behavior, market research, and consumer change management while higlighting key areas on which to focus: education, collaboration, and social media marketing.

Curry College partners with EMD Millipore

EMD Millipore, August 2010

Project Objective: How can EMD Millipore focus attention to sustainable development?

EMD Millipore is the world's largest concentration of life science firms manufacturing the majority of its products from plastic materials. With particular attention to their impact on the environment, EMD Millipore is focused on sustainable development. Because of considerable waste in the amount of plastic used in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process, a pilot take-back program is being tested by clients of the company, which could reduce products in landfills.

Client Deliverables: The Curry College MBA Capstone Group worked with EMD Millipore to research the logistics, costs, regulatory issues, and best practices involved with implementing a product take-back program throughout the company. With a company-wide take-back iniatiative, EMD Millipore can include all clients and help reduce the amount of plastic in landfills. 

Curry College partners with Mayflower Brewing Company

Mayflower Brewing Company, December 2009

Project Objective: With a well-established high-quality product and excellent reputation, how can Mayflower Brewing Company discover its niche strengths?

Enjoying regional success, the Mayflower Brewing Company has emerged as one of the newest popular craft brewing companies in New England and is located in America's hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Client Deliverables: The MBA Capstone Group presented a comprehensive potential growth analysis of its customer base, a customer survey of Mayflower Brewing and its products, as well as a detailed marketing plan. The information allowed Mayflower to plan for operational contingencies, protect and build its product offering, and develop branding. The marketing plan offered new and novel ideas, and suggested strategic alliances and networking relationships for Mayflower Brewing Company to quickly advance in the craft brewing industry.

Curry College partners with Polartec

Polartec, LLC, August 2009

Project Objective: How can Polartec, LLC capitalize on opportunities for improved logistics and efficiencies while increasing cash flow?

Operating in the textile industry, Polartec, LLC is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of synthetic fabrics. Global factors have caused adverse effects on labor costs and trade regulations, while shifts in consumer demand require quality products at a value price. 

Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort made recommendations to  gain effiencies and increase cash flow including improvements to the purchase order process, expanded use of technology, and freight-on-board agreement implementation. To improve logistics, the team recommended international and domestic alternative warehouse location options. The Capstone Group also made the case for implementing best practices for competitive benchmarking.

Curry College partners with SSCC

South Shore Chamber of Commerce, December 2008

Project Objective: With an emphasis on economic assessment, how can the South Shore Chamber of Commerce create and maintain economic growth?

Client Deliverables:The Curry College MBA capstone group presented a situational analysis of South Shore communities to determine strategic options in developing and maintaining economic growth. Specific analysis focused on attraction and retention of knowledgeable young workers in specific regions of the South Shore. The team recommended concentrating on key research areas such as partnerships, education, workforce development, and downtown development.

Curry College partners with Weymouth Bank

Weymouth Bank, August 2008

Project Objective: In today's advanced information age and uncertain economic climate, how can Weymouth Bank compete with national institutions and market its message of secure banking?

Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort constructed a competitive analysis to include recommendations on banking in the 21st century; trends in bank technologies, innovations for banking products and services, as well as marketing initiatives.

Curry College partners with SGT, Inc.

SGT, Inc., December 2007

Project Objective: What initiatives and product line extensions can SGT, Inc. implement for significant capital infusion?

With its headquarters in India, SGT, Inc. delivers engineering and information technology services worldwide and hopes to become a top 20 outsourcing provider by 2020. 

Client Deliverables: The MBA cohort provided research findings focused on specific industry patterns, outsourcing best practices, and the comptetitive landscape. The team made recommendations for industry expansion with a comprehensive analysis of best practices including growth into existing, related, and new sectors.

Curry College partners with Ecco USA

ECCO USA, August 2007

Project Objective:  How can ECCO USA use existing products to enter new market segments?

ECCO USA started over 40 years ago in the footwear industry by "choosing comfort over conformity." There are many industry-wide hurdles facing ECCO USA including slow growth, intense competition, consolidation within the industry, and declining profitability. 

Client Deliverables: The MBA Cohort Group presented ECCO USA recommendations to expand its current product line as competition intensifies. The Capstone Group identified a new market segment spanning corporate industries that make up twenty percent of the workforce in the United States. This product line expansion combines quality, comfort, and dependability to fulfill the needs of three untapped markets: ECCO Corporate, ECCO Healthcare, and ECCO Tactical.

Newport Polo Club Owner: MBA Students’ Research Will Affect Entire Industry

Eighteen Curry students worked as a team of consultants for the Newport Polo Club, in Newport, Rhode Island. Under the guidance of faculty mentors, the cohort defined, analyzed, and developed innovative, data-driven recommendations to increase club membership.

Hasbro Chooses Curry MBA Students to Play on Their Team

For their fall 2015 capstone project, MBA cohort students  focused on developing a marketing plan that would create excitement and anticipation leading up to Scrabble's 70-year anniversary in 2018, and beyond.    Read more...

Video: The MBA Capstone / Business Consulting Project

The MBA Capstone is an applied research project where students, working as a team of consultants, partner with a business to solve specific challenges facing the organization. Past business partners include Cisco Brewers, as shown in this video,  and Reebok International Ltd.

Video: Curry's MBA Refines Problem-Solving and Public Speaking Skills

The Curry College MBA helps refine business skills through exposure to actual problem-solving strategies. Each MBA course builds toward the final Capstone experience where you and your cohort will define and analyze complex business problems to provide integrated solutions for the Capstone business client.

MBA Students Consult with Brockton Rox Stadium Operators

The Summer 2015 cohort of MBA students was tasked with helping Brockton Rox Stadium operators identify areas of growth outside of the summer baseball season.   Read more...

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Meet Moussa Seck '10/MBA '12 - Business Management

"I would have definitely taken advantage of that fast-track option if it had existed when I was at Curry," says Moussa Seck '10, MBA '12 a certified public accountant, lauding Curry's new accelerated dual-degree option, which allows business students to earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree over five years.

Meet Lynne Santangelo '14

"I was ready to learn more about business and be more prepared in the world I was working in," explains Lynne Santangelo '14.  "I really wanted to have a say, and I wanted people to respect me and my analytical skills. Curry has given me a foundation that has really helped me be a confident person and leader."

Meet Moussa Seck '12

"Having completed the program I feel more confident in my abilities.  I'm more knowledgeable and the capacity of what I can take on has been greatly expanded.  With this program under my belt, I can do more.  I have a better understanding of how the business world works." Read more...

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Ebony Joseph '11 talks about how the Curry MBA Program helped her develop leadership skills, network with other professionals and build friendships.

Meet Professor Shavi Cooray

Dr. Shavindrie ("Shavi") Cooray examines the relationships between humans and technology with her students by embracing technology and by looking at the bigger picture - something she has done extensively in her Ph.D. research and as a former analyst in the corporate world.


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