Learning Outcomes

The MBA Program


  • Leadership and Ethics
    The qualities of strong leadership in our constantly changing world are far more complex than they were just a decade ago. The Curry College MBA Program is built on a definition of leadership that encompasses more than the basic textbook philosophies of leadership that and management. This theme teaches the fundamentals and requisite skill sets of effective leadership in a global environment and does so within an over-arching framework of social responsibility.

  • Strategic Planning
    Visionary leaders see the big picture, the end-results, well before they implement a business plan. They know how to communicate and structure their ideas into logical steps that utilize their resources, respect social and cultural boundaries, and establish best practices with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. The goal of this themes is to teach students how to think strategically in a global environment - how to recognize opportunity, how to establish what needs to be done, how to determine who needs to be involved, how to manage effectively, and how to honor cultural differences.

  • Decision Making Tools
    Although technology has opened up world-wide business possibilities, the fact that it is constantly changing often forces global managers to make decisions based on uncertainty. Therefore, to reduce the risk of failure, it is essential, particularly in a global marketplace, to have a well-rounded understanding and knowledge of all elements involved. This theme examines decision-making tools in the context of e-commerce, customer service, and global business issues in an effort to empower analytical thinking and reasoning skills.

  • Problem Solving
    Effective global managers are problem sharp-shooters. Problem solving skills result from a firm understanding of the basic tenets of global business practices and are further refined through exposure to actual problem solving strategies. This theme relies on a mix of case studies as well as on real-life problems presented by global managers of successful area businesses.


  • Critical Thinking: Demonstrated ability to recognize & gather data, analyze information and synthesize for creative endeavors and problem solving.
  • Communications: Demonstrates ability to share ideas and findings clearly in written and oral expression
  • Teamwork: Demonstrates advancement in the ability to work with others effectively as a team member and as a team leader.
  • Self-Management: Demonstrates ability to self-evaluate, modify behavior and meet or exceed obligations.
  • Professionalism: Demonstrates ability to create and sustain a positive impression, confidence and advance in a career.

Newport Polo Club Owner: MBA Students’ Research Will Affect Entire Industry

Eighteen Curry students worked as a team of consultants for the Newport Polo Club, in Newport, Rhode Island. Under the guidance of faculty mentors, the cohort defined, analyzed, and developed innovative, data-driven recommendations to increase club membership.

Hasbro Chooses Curry MBA Students to Play on Their Team

For their fall 2015 capstone project, MBA cohort students  focused on developing a marketing plan that would create excitement and anticipation leading up to Scrabble's 70-year anniversary in 2018, and beyond.    Read more...

Video: The MBA Capstone / Business Consulting Project

The MBA Capstone is an applied research project where students, working as a team of consultants, partner with a business to solve specific challenges facing the organization. Past business partners include Cisco Brewers, as shown in this video,  and Reebok International Ltd.

Video: Curry's MBA Refines Problem-Solving and Public Speaking Skills

The Curry College MBA helps refine business skills through exposure to actual problem-solving strategies. Each MBA course builds toward the final Capstone experience where you and your cohort will define and analyze complex business problems to provide integrated solutions for the Capstone business client.

MBA Students Consult with Brockton Rox Stadium Operators

The Summer 2015 cohort of MBA students was tasked with helping Brockton Rox Stadium operators identify areas of growth outside of the summer baseball season.   Read more...

Professor Speaks About What Makes the Curry MBA "Distinctly Unique"

Professor Steve Gunning speaks about what makes the Curry MBA "distinctly unique."   Read more...

MBA Students Work with Reebok

Curry MBA students team up for Reebok business consulting.  Read more...

Meet Moussa Seck '10/MBA '12 - Business Management

"I would have definitely taken advantage of that fast-track option if it had existed when I was at Curry," says Moussa Seck '10, MBA '12 a certified public accountant, lauding Curry's new accelerated dual-degree option, which allows business students to earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree over five years.

Meet Lynne Santangelo '14

"I was ready to learn more about business and be more prepared in the world I was working in," explains Lynne Santangelo '14.  "I really wanted to have a say, and I wanted people to respect me and my analytical skills. Curry has given me a foundation that has really helped me be a confident person and leader."

Meet Moussa Seck '12

"Having completed the program I feel more confident in my abilities.  I'm more knowledgeable and the capacity of what I can take on has been greatly expanded.  With this program under my belt, I can do more.  I have a better understanding of how the business world works." Read more...

Video: Ebony Joseph '11 - MBA Program

Ebony Joseph '11 talks about how the Curry MBA Program helped her develop leadership skills, network with other professionals and build friendships.

Meet Professor Shavi Cooray

Dr. Shavindrie ("Shavi") Cooray examines the relationships between humans and technology with her students by embracing technology and by looking at the bigger picture - something she has done extensively in her Ph.D. research and as a former analyst in the corporate world.


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