• Moussa Seck '10/MBA '12 - Business Management


    "I would have definitely taken advantage of that fast-track option if it had existed when I was at Curry," says Moussa Seck ’10, MBA ’12 a certified public accountant, lauding Curry's new accelerated dual-degree option, which allows business students to earn both a bachelor's and a master's degree over five years.

  • Lynne Santangelo '14 - MBA


    "I was ready to learn more about business and be more prepared in the world I was working in. I really wanted to have a say, and I wanted people to respect me and my analytical skills. Curry has given me a foundation that has really helped me be a confident person and leader."

  • Nilza Grassa '15 - M.Ed.


    "I had a job, but didn't have a career. I decided to pay a visit to my cousin's fourth grade classroom to explore teaching. That was the exact spark I needed. It was my ah-ha moment."

  • John Fratolillo '09 - M.A. Criminal Justice


    "Pursuing and earning a master's degree gives you an advantage in terms of the growth of your career and in terms of having more knowledge to draw upon," says John Fratolillo, MACJ '09, Regional Vice President at SecurAmerica. "For me, it was about applying that knowledge to my everyday work life."

  • Judy Dynan '11 - MSN


    When Curry College launched its Master of Science in Nursing program, Judy Dynan '11 was first in line to apply, and she hasn't looked back since. "It was time for it. Education is something that's important to me. It was something that could help me move into a leadership role, and to help me open up new opportunities, which it has already."

  • Jeannine Hatch '06 - M.Ed.


    Jeannine Hatch, M.Ed. ‘06 worked as an accountant for 17 years before applying to the Master of Education program at Curry College. Inspired by volunteer work at her twin boys’ elementary school and the hope that she may one day have the same schedule to spend more time with family, she contemplated a career change.

  • John Doyle '10 - M.Ed.


    "As soon as I took my first class, I knew this was the right place for me," says John Doyle, who found Curry College through his colleagues in the Milton (MA) Public Schools. A Boston area native now living in Weymouth, John first moved to Milton after teaching for seven years in a private school in Boston. That made Curry's convenient location a plus because the campus was just a short commute after work.

  • John McCarthy '09 - M.Ed.


    "I had always wanted to be a teacher and to have a positive impact on children and decided that it was either now or never," says John, a father of two school-aged children. "I live on the South Shore and had heard positive things about Curry College. The fact that Curry has smaller classes and that the student population in the program tends to be older were the selling points for me."

  • Kristopher Kamborian '08 - M.A. Criminal Justice


    "Pursuing a master's degree in Criminal Justice was the best decision I have ever made; it has made me much more appealing when applying and interviewing for positions and will continue to assist me in life intellectually, financially, and promotionally."

  • Ebony Joseph '11 - MBA

    Campus Image

    “Curry College has been a tremendous help as I look to greater opportunities within my company,” says Ebony Joseph, a Manufacturing Engineer for Thermo Fisher Scientific in Waltham. “Curry has placed me in a better position as I look to move into a management role; to be a manager of an engineering department and eventually a Director of Operations. I knew an engineering degree alone would not get me there ̶ I needed an MBA.”

  • Barbara Healey '11 - MSN


    After considering all of the MSN programs in the Boston area, Barbara Healey ultimately chose the MSN program College largely because of its strong reputation among nurses..."I know many Curry nurses in the city of Boston; many have gone onto leadership positions in the field. The instructors are very knowledgeable, very prepared and clearly, high quality instructors."

  • Sheila Jichi '10 - MBA


    "When I started the Curry MBA program, I knew I would get a degree," says Sheila Jichi of Foxboro, Mass. "What I didn't expect was to gain enough confidence to feel I can take on almost anything, personally and professionally. I didn't know I would make a lifelong connection to the program and the people in it. What I gained is hard to quantify in words."

  • Sam Smith '09 - MBA


    "While finishing my bachelor's degree in 2005 as a continuing education student, Curry's management department chair asked if I would be interested in pursuing an MBA if it were offered...My response was 'yes' because I really like the culture at Curry, and I knew the MBA would be a great benefit to me in the future." Two years later, Sam graduated from the Curry College MBA program.

  • Derek Thompson '06 - M.Ed.


    "The personalized service at Curry stood out to me... I took one class before enrolling full-time and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Everything was individualized to me and my career specifically, and because the class size was small the class really had the opportunity to dive into the material and discuss the covered topics as they pertained to us individually. Because of this I felt like the courses were constantly helping me in my job as opposed to being something extra I had to do at night after work."


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