Dawn Erickson '14 - MBA


"Why in the world would I need an MBA?" questioned Dawn Erickson '14. As the most senior human resources person at The Rockport Company, a brand owned by The adidas Group, her role spans the globe: she's responsible for roughly 1,200 employees in 26 countries. Still, Dawn was compelled to continue to grow with the company.

"When I thought about getting my MBA, it was really about how I could expand what I know and how I interact with my business," recalls Dawn. "One of the main things that I preach in human resources is continuous learning - and how can I tell our employees that they should always be learning and developing if I'm not doing that myself?  So I decided to pursue my MBA."

Dawn's role with a global brand begs the question "how does someone who is required to travel to 26 countries actually able to find the time to earn their MBA?"

"Curry College was fantastic about letting me balance my work travel schedule and still keep up with my school work. I made appropriate arrangements before I started with Curry College to make sure I could balance both work and school. For one class I actually skyped in from China to do my team presentation using my iPad at 4:30 in the morning!"

Dawn reiterated that the quality of the faculty was a major factor in her decision to enroll in the Curry College MBA program.

"One of the unique things about Curry College's faculty and staff is that they are personally invested in your success, in your education and your development. I used to work with Professor Tony Fabrizio at a company before he became a professor - he's very well respected in both the business community and in the school. I've met a lot of the professors and the deans, and the one thing that really impressed me about all of them was their passion, their dedication, and their commitment. That was really why I picked Curry."

Dawn continues to choose Curry, especially when it comes to recruiting interns for her office.

"We know that the interns that we see from Curry College are going to be well prepared; that they're going to be able to step into our internship with very little adjustment. Curry does a great job, through the Experiential Learning class, of preparing traditional college-age students to go into a work environment."

Christine Nguyen, Curry College Class of 2015, served as one of Dawn's  recent interns. Dawn says being a mentor to Christine was very gratifying, and the Curry connection enhanced that.

"Somebody did something for you and so you pay back or pay forward - you do it for somebody, too. The Curry connection with Christine was particularly interesting because we did have some of the same professors. It's hard to not remain connected to Curry. Once you go there it's infectious. That connection made that internship with Christine a little more special."

Dawn currently serves on Curry's Business Management Advisory Board, returning to the Milton campus for periodic meetings.


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