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    The student : faculty ratio at Curry

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    First-year students who live on campus

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    Students who receive financial aid

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Curry offers great opportunities in and out of class, as well as a safe place for you to be who you are and move outside your comfort zone to try new things that help you make the most of your life.

Kelly Nichols '12
2nd Grade Teacher
Major: Elementary Education, Integrated Liberal Studies

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Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society (Nursing)

Theta at Large Chapter

Our Chapter began 60 years ago when it was chartered as only the seventh Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau. In 1953, a group of nurses attending Boston University set out to establish an organization that would represent the best of what nursing offered in this part of the world. Boston University would stand tall for the ensuing 37 years, as the "institution of record" for our Chapter, until in 1990 when we were re-chartered to include Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts and Simmons College in Boston - thereby establishing our "at-large" distinction.

Today, we have over 650 active members linked among three unique institutions. Theta at Large has many reasons to be proud as we forge into the new millennium. We are active in supporting local nursing scholars through our ongoing research and academic awards program. Our fall and spring programs offer members an opportunity connect with each other and engage in scholarly educational discourse. We are thrilled to routinely send members to destinations around this country and abroad, to leadership conferences, academic events, member forums and the biennial convention during which representatives from all chapters from around the world gather.

2015 Inductees:

Elizabeth Allen
Elisangela Anes
Maria Barreto
Cheryl Boyle
Janet Boyle-Kelly
Jill Brierley
Alexis Carter
Caitlin Corkery
Chelsea Cotton
Michelle Covell
Samia Curley
Carlita David
Karen Doherty
Richard Doolan
Kelly Elizabeth Dupuis
Patrice Egan
Kentiobong Essien
Samantha Fallon
Megan Claire Fane-Hervey
Danielle Ferguson
Catharyne Feterowski
Denise Flaherty
Brenna Franco
Rachel Gaudreau
Leslie Ginnetty
Olivia Goodson
Caitlin Gunn
Rene Hackett
Joanne Hathaway
Beatrice Igeria
Danielle Kent
Cheryl King
McKenna Kruse
Stephanie Lynch
Brodie MacArthur

Thaissa Maduro-Jones
Lisa Ann Mailly
Nicholas Martin
Amy Mingels
Jillian Morris
Jaclyn Morse
Keri Mossman
James Murphy
Shauna Nash
Katherine Nolan
Samantha Nugent
Margaret O'Hara
Klare O'Keefe
Jenifer Okwemba-Gilles
Felicia Osei-Bonsu Kwashie
Rachael Pace
Theresa James Pallas
Mary Elizabeth Parker
Erin Perry
Cluzie Pierre
Lindsey Porter
Nicole Regal
Megan Riley
Isandra Rodrigues
Jocelyn Sanford
Michelle Sarmento
Ariana  Sicuso
Rianna Terese Stefanoni
Anastasia Tannous
Caroline Thornton
Yolanda Velazquez
Alyssa Vining
Cherie Wildrick
Christianne Winslow
Lilly Zakia

Membership Criteria

  • Satellite campuses and at-large chapters are allowed to invite students in the upper 35% of their class from each campus.
  • RN students in baccalaureate programs may be considered as a separate class when a generic program has an RN track. Therefore, you may invite the upper 35% of the RN class and the upper 35% of the generic class. Prospects from both groups must still meet the minimum 3.0 GPA requirement and have completed one-half of the nursing curriculum. If your RN class is particularly small, you may find it better to include them with the generic BSN class.
  • A class is interpreted to mean the group that is anticipated to graduate together at that same time (i.e. at completion of fall semester, spring semester, summer classes, etc.).
  • If the lowest GPA in the upper 35% of the class is 3.8, for example, only those with GPAs of 3.8 and higher would be eligible.
  • If the lowest GPA of the upper 35% of the class falls below 3.0, only those with a 3.0 and higher can be invited to join.
  • Chapters cannot go back and invite other students who did not fall into the upper 35% of their class if some prospects within the upper 35% of the class decline the membership invitation.
  • Students who attain the same GPA should not be counted as "one" when determining the top 35% of the class. (i.e. if ten students have a 4.0 GPA, each student should be counted as part of the top 35%). However, if there are multiple students holding the "cutoff" GPA, each student should be considered for membership (i.e. if 3.20 is the cutoff GPA, and three students have attained this, each should be invited to membership).

To be considered for membership under the Exception Rule, students:

  • May have a cumulative GPA below 3.0 or a GPA that is below the upper 35%;
  • Shall have a nursing major GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Shall otherwise meet the criteria for membership (1/2 of the nursing curriculum completed, expectation of academic integrity)

Nursing Student Collaborates with Local Board of Health
Campus Image

Cheryl King, a Curry College nursing student, collaborated recently with the Scituate Board of Health in the creation of a public awareness campaign about Lyme disease and tick borne illnesses.

Curry College Student Nurses Association (CCSNA)
Campus Image

The Curry College Student Nurses Association welcomes all students to join us as we use the things we learn in the nursing program to help in the community.

Meet Taylor Pacheco '16

"I chose to transfer to Curry because I'd attended a large public university where my lecture classes ranged from 300-400 students. When I came to Curry I noticed how small the classes were, and that was really important to me," says Nursing major Taylor Pacheco.

Men in Nursing

Recent Curry College male nursing alums, along with Curry nursing professor Dr. Don Anderson dispel many of the outdated stereotypes associated with men entering the nursing field in the 21st Century.

Meet Amber Soucy '13

Amber Soucy '13, a full-time medical surgical telemetry nurse at St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford and a former psych nurse at Westwood Lodge Hospital and correctional nurse at Massachusetts Correctional Institution explains the advantages of choosing the Curry Nursing program, "I was directly accepted into the Curry Nursing program...I received better scholarships from Curry...and I got to start my clinical rotations during sophomore year, so I gained real world experience right off the bat."

Nursing Faculty News
Campus Image

Congratulations to members of the Curry nursing faculty for their on-going professional accomplishments!

Useful Websites
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These helpful links may be of interest to those students pursuing a nursing major.

Master of Science in Nursing
Campus Image

Enhance your value to healthcare organizations by developing the leadership abilities required to measurably improve overall quality, reduce costs, raise the level of nursing practice and increase patient, family and physician satisfaction when you enroll in the Master of Science in Nursing-Clinical Nurse Leader (MSN-CNL®) program at Curry College.


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