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    The student : faculty ratio at Curry

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    Year the Curry PAL Program was established

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    Number of faculty and staff employed at Curry College

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As a student with an LD, my biggest fear in high school was raising my hand in class, and not knowing the answer. But now, especially when I meet with my PAL advisor, I have more confidence and I feel like I'm more prepared to participate in class.

Brandon Traina '11
Major: Criminal Justice

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PAL for Multilingual Students

Curry College and the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) are internationally known for their success in supporting college students with learning disabilities (LD), attention deficits (AD/HD), and Executive Function (EF) disorders. In keeping with Curry's focus on individualized education, PAL for Multilingual Students is a highly successful program designed to identify and serve the following:

  • International students whose TOEFL scores may be an inaccurate representation of their ability because of a specific learning disability
  • U.S. residents and citizens who are non-native speakers of English or who have significant bilingual/bicultural backgrounds in addition to a specific learning disability
  • English language learners (ELL) with learning disablities (LD), attention deficits (AD/HD), and/or Executive Function (EF) disorders.

PAL for Multilingual Students, allows students to pursue the traditional curriculum at Curry. Students participate as full members of the student body. In addition, PAL for Multilingual Students provides focused support in advising, and in academic and social areas to help students make a successful transition into college life.

With almost forty years of experience working with LD students and a century-old commitment to personalized education, Curry College offers the support and expertise necessary for international students and multilingual students to achieve on the college level.

Special Services

PAL for Multilingual Students Mentor/Instructor
Student progress is carefully monitored by the Program Coordinator who serves as a mentor for all participants. The Coordinator either works directly as a student's PAL professor or works closely with each student's PAL professor who may be another PAL faculty member carefully chosen for this role.

Academic Advising
The Program Coordinator serves as academic advisor or co-advisor to develop an individual curriculum plan for each student.

Faculty Liaison
The Program serves as a communication link with faculty for academic and cultural concerns.

Peer Support Group
Students from a variety of cultural backgrounds provide support and friendship as well as assistance in cultural transitions.

Personalized Orientation
Specialized information for international students is an important part of PAL for Multilingual Students.

Individually Designed Curriculum Plan
Curry College offers a variety of courses to help students develop academic skills while pursuing their college degree. Among these offerings are:

  • American Culture and Language courses
  • Developmental Reading, Writing, and Academic Skills Classes
  • Individual tutoring through the Academic Enrichment Center

Admission Requirements

In addition to the regular admissions requirements of transcripts, essay and recommendations, the following are requirements specific to PAL for Multilingual Students:

  • TOEFL (for international students only)
  • LD Documentation (translated)
  • Psychoeducational Evaluation including scores of WAIS III or WAIS IV
  • Educational History
  • Achievement Testing
  • Personal Interview (highly recommended) - in person, by phone, by Skype, or email

For more information contact:

Dr. Lynn Abrahams
Coordinator PAL for Multilingual Students (PML)
(617) 333-2312 or 2250
FAX: (617) 333-2018


E-Mail your comments and questions about the PAL program to:

PAL Professor Diane Webber Receives Whiting Foundation Fellowship

Dr. Diane Webber recently received a fellowship from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation. Dr. Webber will travel to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway in June 2016 to confer with Scandinavian colleagues about Bringing Active Learning to the College Classroom at the Universities of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Bergen.

Meet Ivan Marchany '16 - IT, PAL

Like many high school kids, Ivan Marchany '16 was very much into video games. But little did he realize that his boyhood hobby would turn into a career path in cyber-security. Because of a learning difference, Ivan's college search led him from his home in Puerto Rico to the Curry College PAL program, where he has thrived academically as an IT major, turning his once-perceived weaknesses into strengths.

Institute on Learning Differences Gives Special Education Majors Unique Opportunity

The Institute on Learning Differences, a successful venture between the Education department and the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL), gives students the opportunity to tap into the resources and knowledge of PAL faculty members and outside specialists to better understand the unique educational needs of students.

Apply to PAL
Campus Image

Apply today to be a part of a structured support program providing assistance to bright, college-able students with specific learning disabilities and/or AD/HD.

Video: The PAL Program

Students, alumni and faculty share success stories and discuss the advantages of the PAL program at Curry College.

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