• The student to faculty ratio at Curry

    The student to faculty ratio at Curry

  • Year the Curry PAL Program was established

    Year the Curry PAL Program was established

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    Number of faculty and staff employed at Curry College

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    Number of Residence Halls on Campus


“In high school I couldn’t keep up academically with the so called ‘normal’ kids, so everyone else was lumped in together in the ‘special’ classes, even thought there existed a wide range of learning disabilities. I could never find a happy medium where I could learn at my own pace, until I got to Curry.

Holden Kepecs '85
Emmy Award-winning Editor
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The College Search East: A Summer Program for High School Seniors with Learning Differences

July 8 - 20, 2018

The College Search East is an exciting, 2-week residential opportunity that will help students with learning differences prepare for their college search.

What better place to do it than in the Boston area, the birthplace and hub of higher education, and at Curry College, the nation's first postsecondary college to formally welcome students with learning challenges?

An Overview

Sponsored by the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) at Curry College, the College Search East is an innovative, interactive opportunity for rising seniors to:

  • Identify a personal learning profile and set realistic goals
  • Understand the legal, academic, and social transition from high school to higher education
  • Visit and compare Boston area colleges and their programs/accommodation services
  • Create an individualized plan for navigating the college search with a "road map for senior year," including tools to compose a solid college application essay
  • Experience two weeks in residence on the Curry College campus for an authentic preview of college life
  • Participate in cultural, historic, and social activities to gain awareness of the opportunities available in Boston

Requirements for Admission:

  • Provide evidence of entering your senior year in high school as of September 2017
  • Provide documentation of a language-based learning disability, attention deficit disorder, and/or executive function weakness
  • Demonstrate average to gifted cognitive ability as measured by the WAIS/WISC or other psycho-educational testing
  • Provide testing which describes your learning profile (including WAIS/WISC and Achievement tests such as the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement)
Please note that PAL is NOT designed for students whose overall cognitive ability is in the low average range or below, who demonstrate a significant need for social skills support or remediation, or who have a primary diagnosis of a disability other than a language-based learning disability and/or AD/HD.

How to Apply:

To learn more please email us at or contact the CSE Coordinator, Dr. Janis Peters at 617.333.2035 or

2018 Session Dates

  • July 8 - 20, 2018

Tuition and Residence Fee

  • $3,295 for Summer 2018

Payment and Refund Policy:

  • Non-refundable deposit of $100 upon acceptance.
  • Full payment preferred deadline is June 9.
  • No refunds after June 12 unless a medical excuse is provided by physician.
  • No refunds if student is asked to leave for infractions of drug, alcohol, and/or curfew violations or disruptive behavior.
  • Limited enrollment.


  • Opportunity to work in a small group with experienced learning specialists.
  • Social interaction with other students with learning differences.
  • Students earn 1.5 Curry College credits for completion of academic requirements.

Program Highlights

College Search East is more than classroom activities. It is the opportunity to experience the college residential environment.

  • Get to know others from all over the United States in informal and planned activities designed to foster social interaction and cultural opportunities.
  • Experience all that Boston has to offer in a tour of the city and the chance to attend a theater production.
  • Get a jump start on your college application essay.
  • Visit a number of area colleges to begin the search for the "right fit."

All activities will be supervised by residential life staff.

Residential Staff

Students will be supervised by a Resident Director and Resident Assistants (one per 10 students). Resident assistants are college students themselves who are chosen based on maturity and recommendations.

Residence Hall

Students will be housed in one of Curry's smaller residence halls. Rooms are standard doubles, so students will be assigned roommates. Three meals a day will be provided in the College dining marketplace. Any additional meals or snacks will be at the student's expense.

Rules and Policies

Students will have enforced curfews and are expected to be in their own rooms between midnight and 7:00 a.m. Students may not leave campus unless on supervised and approved College Search East activities. A strict drug and alcohol policy will be enforced. Upon acceptance to the program, students and parents will be expected to sign a form acknowledging that they have read and agree to the residential policies.

Important Note to Parents

Safety of your son or daughter is of utmost concern to us; however, personal safety is a joint venture. No system can guarantee protection without full cooperation of and assumption of responsibility by your son or daughter. Consequently, we ask that you carefully evaluate your son's or daughter's maturity level before encouraging participation in a residential program.


Students who fly into Logan Airport will be asked to arrange arrival and departure times so that residence life staff can meet them as a group for transport to Curry College. Please note that if flights are delayed or canceled, a back-up plan should be in place. Further details will be forthcoming upon acceptance to the program.

For more information, call 617-333-2250 or send e-mail to:

Curry Named in Top 10 Best Colleges List for Students with Learning Disabilities

"With a student to faculty ration of only 11:1, no student goes without an individual support system tailored to his or her learning style. Those with language-based learning disabilities can turn to Curry's Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) for courses in skills that'll help them in their other classes." Read More...

Video: The PAL Difference

You can continue looking the world over for the best possible program to support your learning...but we think you've already found us!  Explore the Curry College PAL Difference...

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Apply today to be a part of a structured support program providing assistance to bright, college-able students with specific learning disabilities and/or AD/HD.


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