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Pouring drinks as part of an educational exercise

The Office of Wellness Education provides wellness promotion and educational resources that help to empower and support students to make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being. Through collaboration with student leaders, faculty, and staff, The Wellness Education provides resources, outreach education and prevention programs about a wide range of health and wellness topics including: alcohol and other drugs, stress management, sexual health, healthy relationships, body image, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Programs and Services Include:

  • Working closely with Office of Student Conduct to execute a "community of care" model that integrates services, education and outreach
  • A walk-in resource office with books, brochures, DVDs, and information on alcohol and other drugs
  • Provides health, wellness and alcohol/drug education to campus community
  • Collaborates with the Wellness Council to develop health and wellness classroom programming on the six dimensions of wellness (social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and emotional)

In addition to regular educational programming, the Office of Wellness Education offers risk reduction and substance abuse prevention programs and one on one meetings.

Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) is a one on one prevention program for college students who drink alcohol heavily and have experienced or are at risk for alcohol-related problems. BASICS follow a harm reduction approach, aiming to motivate students to reduce alcohol use in order to decrease the negative consequences of drinking.

Online Alcohol/Marijuana Education
The eCHECKUP TO GO programs are personalized, evidence-based, online prevention interventions for alcohol & marijuana developed by counselors and psychologists at San Diego State University. This program provides accurate and personalized feedback about student's individual patterns of use, risk patterns, aspirations and goals and provides helpful resources that students can access through Curry College and the community.

Alcohol and Other Drug Education Classes

These classes are a brief alcohol and marijuana use prevention program aimed to help students identify the risks associated with substance use and equip them with effective strategies and education to reduce the risk and harm associated with drinking and smoking marijuana.

The college also offers assistance with confidential counseling. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to refer students who appear to be affected by drug or alcohol use to one of these resources. For students, counseling is available through the Counseling Center (617-333-2182) as well as for referrals for off-campus resources.

The Coordinator of Wellness Education (617-333-2163) is also available as an educational resource to help students get connected with services and/or self-help meetings on campus and within the external community. Students who are concerned about their own or other's use of such substances may seek advice and counsel from appropriate college resources without fear of breach of normal rules of confidentiality or fear of punishment. In addition to the services mentioned above, several national hotlines can provide information and referral:

Information on Local 12-Step Meetings and Self-Help Programs:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous, Eastern MA Central Service (617)-426-9444
  • Al-Anon and Ala-teen, Massachusetts (888)-425-2666
    *Al-Anon is open to anyone whose life has been affected by another person's drinking
  • Narcotics Anonymous (800) 481-6871
  • Marijuana Anonymous (800) 766-6779
  • National Alcohol and Drug Abuse 24-Hour Helpline (800) 252-6465
  • Smart Recovery (866) 951-5357
  • Addiction Center (877) 671-1439

If you have questions, think you might know someone who has a problem and you do not know what to do, or would like to get more information, please contact the Wellness Center.

**If you are in an immediate crisis or emergency on-campus, please seek help by contacting Public Safety at 617-333-2222. If you are off-campus, please dial 911.