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Special Agent Philip Belmont '04 with Criminal Justice students
April 09, 2018


Academics | Alumni Outcomes

Special Agent Philip Belmont '04 recently delivered a guest lecture in Professor Al Sweeney's Criminal Justice "Community Policing Case Studies" course. The focus of his discussion was based on his personal and professional experiences both in law enforcement and beyond.  

Belmont is a two-time veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he received the Bronze Star Medal while serving as a medic with the 101st Airborne Division. He is currently a Special Agent (SA) with the Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector General, and is tasked with conducting criminal investigations in regards to Social Security program fraud.     

Prior to becoming a federal agent, SA Belmont spent seven years as a Patrolman with the Nashua Police Department (NPD) in Nashua, New Hampshire. During that time, he served as a medic on NPD's SWAT team, as well as an instructor with the New Hampshire Tactical Officer's Association.    

While at Curry, Phil was a two-sport student athlete (hockey and baseball) and graduated cum laude after completing a double major in Criminal Justice and Politics and History.  

Photo: Left to right: Criminal Justice students Alissa Butler, Class of 2018, Nicholas Brosseau, Class of 2019 with Special Agent Philip Belmont, Thomas Cashin, Class of 2018, Sydney Belostoc, Class of 2018, and Daniel Ceurvels, Class of 2019.