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NBC Boston Celtics Reporter A. Sherrod Blakely addresses Communication students.
December 12, 2017



NBC Boston Celtics Reporter A. Sherrod Blakely spoke to Professor Jeff Lemberg's multimedia sports journalism students on Thursday, December 7. He advised them to set specific career goals, seize every opportunity to gain professional experience, and hone their writing skills.

"Writing is essential," Blakely said. "I really do believe it was my writing and reporting abilities that got me [the NBC Boston] job." 

He also stressed the importance of making a good first impression. 

"You never know who's going to have a job opening," Blakeley said. "If you carry yourself in a poor way, you're going to get bypassed." 

Blakeley has reported from Super Bowls, NBA Finals, and NCAA Finals, but he says he has never been more excited than he was while covering his first high school sports game. See the class' live coverage of the event on Twitter.