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Criminal Justice Law School Seminar participants
March 05, 2018


Academics | Student Success

The Criminal Justice Honor Society recently hosted a seminar for students interested in attending law school. Guest speakers included attorneys Christine Collins and Sheila Gholkar from the United States Department of Labor who discussed their motivations to practice law and the many career routes in the field. They also shared tips on preparing for the LSAT and the law school application process. Criminal Justice Honor Society Executive Board member Dan Ceurvels, Class of 2019, organized the event.

Photo, left to right: Dr. Bill Nancarrow; Daniel Ceurvels, Class of 2019; Farrah Alkanan, Class of 2020; Zaire Britt, Class of 2019; Samyah Williams, Class of 2020; Attorneys Christine Collins and Sheila Gholkar; RJ Silva, Class of 2018; Nick Brosseau, Class of 2019; and Prof. Linda Romano