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Nursing Students Highlighted in Brockton Enterprise Story on Homeward Bound Program

School of Nursing students partcipate in the Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital Homeward Bound program
October 22, 2016


Academics | Student Success

The  Brockton Enterprise recently featured the work of two students enrolled in the Curry College  Nursing (ACCEL) program.  Maddie Ross and Jeff Gauvin (both Class of 2017) were highlighted for their academic field experiences through the Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital Homeward Bound program.

The Homeward Bound program acts as a preventative health care resource for individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and congestive heart failure (CHF) while giving student nurses the opportunity to make personalized house calls. Along with conducting routine check-ups, Ross and Gauvin help their patients stay on track by helping to coordinate their diet, exercise, and medication routines.

From the  Brockton Enterprise Article:

"It helps us, as students, get comfortable coming into peoples' homes, counseling them about their health and asking them questions you might think are personal," Ross said.

Jeff Gauvin, another nursing student, said home care has a very different feeling than nursing in a busy hospital. "The patients are in their own environment," he said, "so you want them to be comfortable."

Gauvin and Ross both said they'd like to work as home care nurses later in their careers.

Photo above courtesy: Anna Burgess, Brockton Enterprise