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Deborah Gelch, Chief Information Officer
August 20, 2018


The Enterprisers Project recently featured Deborah Gelch, Curry's Chief Information Officer (CIO), in an article about the best ways to advance your IT career.

In the article, Gelch and other CIOs offer advice to IT professionals on how they can achieve the next level in their career. Gelch says IT pros should focus on the information more than the technology.

From the article:

"For most of my career, the emphasis of IT has been on the 'technology' part of the name, but in this day of digitalization, the emphasis has dramatically shifted to 'information.' Digital business is disrupting our industry and IT professionals who want to advance their careers need to develop their understanding of the digital business technology platform and how their function of IT plays a role. IT professionals will not only be expected to deliver a platform for the business to make data-driven decisions but also expected to utilize data in their own functional role.

IT professionals who can build models that demonstrate the ability to analyze data and make informed recommendations are invaluable. These skills have become the new competency for all professionals and incorporating analytics in your own skillset will be a savvy career move."

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