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Humanities Faculty members Dr. Brian Duchaney and Dr. Susan Peterson
January 02, 2018


Academics | Faculty Accomplishments

The National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies Conference has accepted a paper from Dr. Jeff Diluglio, called "Luis Cernuda, Poet in Exile: England, Massachusetts, and Mexico."

Dr. Brian Duchaney will speak at the 2018 International Steinbeck Festival at the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, California, delivering a talk called "'Two Can Play at That Game...': Steinbeck's Wartime Women and the Creation of the Literary Mistress." He recently discussed his research on Steinbeck in an interview on Marshfield, Massachusetts' WATD 95.9. Finally, an upcoming book called Touring Springfield will also include a chapter by Dr. Duchaney, called "Will You Take Us to Mt. Splashmore? Commercials and Consumerism in The Simpsons.

The Grateful Dead caucus at the Southwest Popular/American Culture Conference has accepted Dr. Susan Peterson's paper "Teaching the Dead."