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MACJ Students Present Capstone Research on Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice students present their capstone project.
May 01, 2018


Academics | Student Success

On Monday, April 30, the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice (MACJ) cohorts presented their capstone project, "The Implications of Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Massachusetts: Lessons Learned and Best Practices." 

For the qualitative study, the cohorts interviewed stakeholder experts in Massachusetts, Colorado, and Washington about unintended consequences of recreational marijuana legalization, and relevant policies and practices. Students explored a variety of related issues, including tensions between state and federal laws, challenges in testing for driver impairment, issues related to school safety, and public education and prevention campaign efforts.     

The presentation closed with detailed recommendations for law enforcement training, further academic research, and public safety and awareness programming.   

MACJ co-directors Dr. Rebecca Paynich and Dr. Jennifer Balboni, along with Dr. Adam Stearn and Dr. Rebecca Cudmore, directed all aspects of the research project.