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(L to R) Eva Bazile, Katherine O'Connor, Grace Mbawuke, Amy Lanigan, DeElla Johnson, (Dr Coleen Toronto in back), Kristyn Calla, and Noel Aguilar
October 30, 2018


Academics | Student Success

Students from the Master of Science in Nursing program recently had the opportunity to attend the Massachusetts/Rhode Island League for Nursing (MARILN) Conference in Sutton, MA.  

The students, enrolled in Dr. Coleen Toronto's Teaching Strategies and Evaluation Methods course, were the beneficiaries of a presentation by Dr. Susan Bosher (MA in TESOL, Columbia University, PhD in Second Languages and Cultures Education, University Of Minnesota).

The purpose of Dr. Bosher's presentation was to provide nurse educators with the skills to revise multiple-choice test items to be more culturally inclusive. Dr. Bosher addressed increasing EAL (English as an Additional Language) nursing students' comprehension of multiple-choice test items through linguistic modification and provided strategies for working with EAL writers in nursing.